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Update Twitter With Your Blog Posts, Commenting Fixes, And More

We just shipped another great update to TypePad at the end of last week. We actually had to fit in a lot of small but crucial fixes for individual users in between these regular releases, so I want to thank everyone here on the TypePad Team who've been working so hard.

My favorite big new feature in this release is (of course!) sharing your most recent post with Twitter and Friendfeed. Thanks to everyone in our Get Satisfaction forum who suggested this. On the right hand side of your compose screen, you should see something that says "share this post", which will lead you to where you can set up your other accounts to be notified when you update posts. When you want to tell your friends about your new post on TypePad, you can now automagically send out a link letting your friends know. Here's a good example of how it looks from our own Hungry Frenchman:

Picture 3  

Some other improvements and fixes we made in this last release include being able to increase your comment limit to 100 comments per page. We want to add more comments per-page really soon, but hang in there, we have to make certain that all of your excited commenters and readers will also still have a great experience.

We added a blog footer feature for our Beta users, and hope that we'll be able to share it with everyone soon, just as we did with the "share this post" feature.

Other important features and fixes from this last release:

  • Fixed lots of bugs related to registration, upgrades, downgrades and account changes
  • Fixed a lot of TypeList issues
  • Improved a lot of billing-related challenges and fixed several bugs for our worldwide users.
  • Proactively identified and fixed individual accounts
  • Improved our Network Operations logging
  • TypePad Connect: we added the ability for your commenters with profiles to turn off their recent activity streams via their profile edit page. 
  • Fixed a lot of TypePad Connect issues, including comment moderation
  • Fixed more native TypePad commenting bugs

Thanks again to everyone who was a part of making this release a great one!

Seeing An Increase In Spam?

Images Spam! No one likes it. We've heard reports of some people experiencing an uptick in spam as of late. If you're seeing spam comments, please make sure you're marking these comments as spam. Don't just delete them.

To mark a comment on TypePad as spam, click on the checkbox in your "list comments" section, and make sure you click "mark this comment as spam". This will ensure that this comment is flagged in our system, and we can better train our spam filters better as to how to block them from TypePad.

Want to know more? Check out our Knowledge Base article on managing comments to find more details.

Calling All TypePad Designers

Are you someone who designs TypePad blogs, or need a great design? Let us know in the comments. We're looking at new and interesting ways to get designers and bloggers connected.

Do you want to improve your blog but not sure where to start? Need some extra help launching a new blog? TypePad's expert Blog Services team are here for you. Our team can evaluate your blog and provide tips on best posting practices, branding, custom domains and banners, and more. Then we take care of the recommended changes for you. Find out more and sign up for our TypePad One Blog Services.

Free Blogging Classes for April and May

Mark your calendars! We've got a full schedule of events coming your way in the next 2 months.

All classes are free and available via teleseminar.

Click on details for full access information:

April 8 @ 2pm EST TypePad Basics - A 1-hour guided tour through creating your first blog and publishing your first post. [details]

April 22 @ 2pm EST Blog SEO Basics - A 1- hour intro to the basics of writing content optimized for search engines. Increase your findability! [details]

May 13 @ 2pm EST TypePad Basics - A 1-hour guided tour through creating your first blog and publishing your first post. [details]

May 20 @ 2pm EST Business Blogging Best Practices - A 1-hour overview on bringing blogging to your business - and your business to blogging. [details]

May 27 @ 2pm EST Building Websites with TypePad - A 1-hour walk-through on creating a website with just a few clicks. [details]

All classes are free and availble via Webex teleconference with a webcast.

We'll shoot out reminders before each session so you won't miss them!

Blog Post Ideas

How do you find new topics to blog about? Here’s an idea: check your Sent Mail folder. Most of us say something smart or insightful via email at least once a week, right? Something that the rest of the world might benefit from reading? Take a few minutes each week to scan your Sent Mail folder and look for that gem. If you’ve emailed the same thing to more than two people, that’s a sign it might make a great blog post!

Check out the Tips and Tricks category for more tips on how to be a better blogger.

Posting, Commenting, and more improvements

It's that time again - we've just done another upgrade for your TypePad blog. We're working out a couple of bugs that have come up with this release right now, but in the meantime, let's talk about what's new.

One of my favorites is the collaboration we're doing with the TypePad Team in Japan: we added two new actions (Publish/Unpublish) to your list of Posts and Pages. Now you'll have the ability to batch publish or unpublish posts or pages right from the administrative screen.

We're also doing a ton of hard work on the inside of the application and making it easier to use. We're in the first phase of testing this with a small group of Alpha users to see what they like about using a more intuitive TypePad.

We worked on over 100 bug fixes and feature requests, which is a great milestone. Big thanks to everyone here who worked so hard on this release! Here's just a few:

  • Working with Six Apart Media team to help them understand how to better target the ads that will help make you more money
  • Fixed an issue with RSS feeds that had incorrect breaks
  • Improving new registration flow to make it easier for people to select a blog address.
  • We’re making progress (in the background) on some of the remaining posting issues and testing in a separate, non-customer facing code branch.
  • We’ve improved our ticketing system so we can fix issues for you faster.
  • Fixing more commenting issues, both for TypePad and our beta of TypePad Connect.
  • Fixed a TypeList caching issue.
  • Fixed the internal search in TypePad and TypeLists.
  • Fixed issues with guest authors and About pages
  • Fixed an issue where multiple trackbacks were being marked as spam

Thanks for all of your feedback to our support team, here on Everything TypePad, and in our Get Satisfaction forums. Your suggestions are what makes TypePad continue to be great.

Everything TypePad Blog

These past few weeks, we've been doing things a little differently around here on the Everything TypePad blog. We had a lot of feedback about how we communicate here from you, our community, and we wanted to make this the best place to find out about, well, EVERYTHING TypePad. We're talking more about how we're doing releases to improve TypePad, updating you with tips and tricks, and talking about cool stuff going on in social media.

How are we doing so far? Got some feedback, a question, something you want to see us talk more about? Let us know in the comments.

Get A Cool Shirt, Save the World

Picture-7 Tonight (that's Wednesday) Proctor and Gamble's digital hack night is doing something really cool - Loads of Hope.

Check out our post about how four teams lead by some of our influential TypePad bloggers like Peter Kim and David Armano are competing to see who can raise the most money. All profits going towards disaster relief organizations, especially Feeding America. Chasnote is also there tonight and says the atmosphere "is like a reality TV show: A contest among groups of digital marketing experts, Apprentice-style...It's amazing how competitive this group gets when you put them on teams!" The Twitter hashtag is #pgdigital if you want to take a peek inside the madness - it's already cracked the top 10.

Want to participate? Read more now!