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Posting, Commenting, and more improvements

It's that time again - we've just done another upgrade for your TypePad blog. We're working out a couple of bugs that have come up with this release right now, but in the meantime, let's talk about what's new.

One of my favorites is the collaboration we're doing with the TypePad Team in Japan: we added two new actions (Publish/Unpublish) to your list of Posts and Pages. Now you'll have the ability to batch publish or unpublish posts or pages right from the administrative screen.

We're also doing a ton of hard work on the inside of the application and making it easier to use. We're in the first phase of testing this with a small group of Alpha users to see what they like about using a more intuitive TypePad.

We worked on over 100 bug fixes and feature requests, which is a great milestone. Big thanks to everyone here who worked so hard on this release! Here's just a few:

  • Working with Six Apart Media team to help them understand how to better target the ads that will help make you more money
  • Fixed an issue with RSS feeds that had incorrect breaks
  • Improving new registration flow to make it easier for people to select a blog address.
  • We’re making progress (in the background) on some of the remaining posting issues and testing in a separate, non-customer facing code branch.
  • We’ve improved our ticketing system so we can fix issues for you faster.
  • Fixing more commenting issues, both for TypePad and our beta of TypePad Connect.
  • Fixed a TypeList caching issue.
  • Fixed the internal search in TypePad and TypeLists.
  • Fixed issues with guest authors and About pages
  • Fixed an issue where multiple trackbacks were being marked as spam

Thanks for all of your feedback to our support team, here on Everything TypePad, and in our Get Satisfaction forums. Your suggestions are what makes TypePad continue to be great.

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