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can we just have a PDF of this stuff -- of all the TypePad help? there's a reason they used to make printed manuals...

Gavin Gowans


I keep getting the folowing to download the file

"This URL is invalid. Please contact the publisher or your site administrator. "

Can you help?

Warm Regards,


Fred Brown


I am a TypePad blogger as well. I am a real newbie (although I am ancient in age and a broken down former newspaper reporter). That's enough on me.

Did you ever get an answer from TP on the PDF file? I am trying to run a pseudo newspaper blog in hopes that some of my out of work buddies will one day contribute to keep the community sort of up to date on what's happening in our part of the world (the Southeast).

You can check me out at Southern Journal-Observer. I'm not sure how you get there, however. But if you search on TP, I think you can find it.

Mine is a very simple site with a definite attitude.

Let me know if you get a TP PDF. I'd love to be able to read for myself how to do some of this stuff, without having to wade through a screen.

Fred Brown
Retired Senior Writer
Knoxville News Sentinel


hi fred ~ TypePad responded that they have no downloadable help, manuals, PDF's, etcetera. no surprise there. i've used TypePad for years ( is my primary blog).

perhaps the knowledge base could be improved in terms of interface. the flat heirarchy sucks.


thanks for letting us know that you'd prefer to see this in PDF/downloadable format. I'm not sure how many request we get for that, but we ARE changing some things about how the knowledge base works. Let me know your thoughts on this, and how we can help make this a better experience.

the WanderingSalsero

I have a suggestion for these training events:

Why hasn't somebody every thought of using one of the VoIP conference rooms. It's all 'live', the rooms have screen sharing, co-browsing (AKA: synchronized browsing), they'll record in MP3, you can capture screen shots and do mark-up. Over at one of the internet marketing organizations I'm part of we've been using them for years. We typically have anywhere from 7 to 200 people on our sessions.

I honestly cannot understand why anybody would use that archaic telebridge/teleconference/WebMeeting technology because these VoIP conference rooms are totally and obviously superior in every way. I mean it...there's not comparison in either functionality or cost.

I've got two different platforms. One at Vereconference and the other at HotConference. Both have similar features although I think the Vereconference room is a little spiffier right now. HotConference is coming out with a new version (3.0) any week now.

One has a maximum capacity of 15 people (it's all I can afford) but the other one will hold at least 200 people.

I'd be very happy to host some kind of live event sometime. I suppose I could be contacted through my address on my blog at

Get a free one to try out yourself at

Best regards,

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