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Kiril Kundurazieff

The Cycling Dude thinks it's good to see that y'all support Cycling, hee, hee. ;-D

I tried to tell you, quite a while ago, that possibly the oldest BikeBlog in America was being published using Typepad, but never heard back, or saw a mention anywhere.

There are many ordinary folks, like me, unconnected to the Industry, with little time, knowledge, and resources, that use Typepad to the best of our abilities, to share stories, and photos, about our riding escapades, share cycling news, and our thoughts on it, use our blogs to be cycling activists in various ways, and so much more.

Most of us, including myself, have small traffic, while some have far more, but still nothing comparable to Political & Issues Bloggers. ;-D

The one thing we all have in common, even those of us with more time and resources, and knowledge, is the urge to share our interest in, and enthusiasm for, recreational cycling, and commuting with anyone we can reach thru our blogs.

In the 6 years The Cycling Dude has been in existence I've put together a collection of resource links unmatched in BikeBlogdom, met some great people, some in the industry, some just like me, been quoted in a book, invited to a film screening, invited to make 2 public presentations on Cycling, and had a song parody praised by the writer of the original song. ;-D

If you had asked me 7 years ago if any of this would be in my future I would have laughed, and shook my head, in disbelief. ;-D

BikeBlogging has grown and evolved so much, since I started,that I am amazed, and in awe of the talents of my fellow cyclists who know how to do things I do not.

YouTube, Podcasting, and now a large community on Twitter which I am a part of.

In the last 2 years or so, the Cycling Industry, and Big Name Activism organizations, local, state, and national, have begun to take note of the usefullness of all these tools, and of connecting with the ordinary cyclists who got the ball rolling, and that is great news indeed.


that is just so darn cool. Thank you so much for sharing that, and for blogging with us. :)


Just wrote a post about my 4.5 year old twins first Trek 16" bikes, the Mystic and the Jet. How timely!

Jack E

I gave up my car 15 years ago, bought a bike (a Trek that died two years ago) and never looked back. My brothers and I ride the ADA charity events around New England. When I first gave up driving, one of my brothers expressed a lot of concern. When pressed, he said: "How do you shop? How do you buy toilet paper?" Part of me wanted to let sleeping dogs lie, but I told him I bought whatever fit in the pack on my back. And that I could always return for more. I later learned that he always bought his toilet paper in the large ten to 20 roll packages. Fifteen years later he still worries. He visited me this past weekend and we watched the NCAA basketball games. After he left I noticed a single un-opened roll in the bathroom. Some people never want to be without. In the winter I use studded tires and sometimes chains and ride my mountain bike (a Klein that survived being run over by a truck..I had jumped off and was lying in the street at the time). One very nasty morning it took me two hours to ride the 8 miles to our office. For those New England riders this was through route 2 in the Berkshires over to Southern Vermont. Great riding, but not a flat stretch to be found. I left at 5:00 AM, hoping to have an easier time in the snow before the roads were plowed and got icy.It became a snow, sleet rain combo halfway through the ride. I got to the office drenched wherever not covered in Gortex. Dragging my bike into a back storeroom I was interrupted while trying to kick some of the ice out of the gears and such. It was a panicked employee whining that there was no toilet paper in the Men's John. I reached into a small pocket inside my Gortex pants and pulled out a small wad of neatly folded, relatively dry TP. I said: "I never travel without" and suggested he try to find some leaves in the forest in back.


that's so sweet! Thanks for posting that.


traveling with your own toilet paper is probably a REALLY good idea.

Tell your brother that ordering it online works too. :D

Jeff Stracco

Very cool. Even though I'm mostly interesting in old school bicycles, I like the Trek blog and am glad to here Typepad supports going about on two wheels:

My bike blog:



Thanks for this update! I had no idea that the Six Apart folks were bike-friendly, so good to know I chose well :). And Trek makes some great bicycles.

I've been cycling everywhere for the last 8 years, and it's been an incredible experience. I started out frightened to pedal down the busy London street I lived on, but soon progressed to long-distance tours. Now I live on a dirt road in the Finnish countryside where the traffic is much quieter. It's been a real challenge making it through the winter on my bike, but I did it (!) and now the road is finally starting to thaw.

Laura Maclean

Hi Ginevra, I'm not sure you know this -- but Life in the Bike Lane isn't the only Trek bike blog powered by TypePad. I'm one of Trek's five "Women Who Ride" and you can check us gals out at I guess you could say our blogs are less techy, more life-y.

Cheers, Laura


that's awesome! I'll update the post shortly with your link, too. :)


thanks gosh for spring! And congrats on all your success.


thanks for this, Jeff! VERY cool blog, too. :)

Mary Strupp

I was just about to comment and there is Laura another WWR. Me, too, a newbie for 2009. I just was looking around on Typepad because I will be a "beginner blogger" for Trek Women Who Ride very soon! Thanks for including our link!

The Hungry Cyclist

great to see the six apart crew are a pedal powered bunch. no doubt you all love a good feed after a day in the saddle too so why not have a peep at
the home of gears and gastronomy on the internet and happily hosted by Typepad!

Love and Peas


Charles Alison

Woohoo for SixApart's bicycle riding and for the great support for blogs. All my bike journals going back to the 1980s are post-dated into my blog, and they've reconnected me with some old riding friends. Very nice service you have. And the blogs of the commenters to this post are wonderful to see and explore too. Thanks Typepad/SixApart.


I'm so glad you like the service! Let me know if there's ever any suggestions you have for us.

Bike to work day is next Friday - I'm going to be traveling, unfortunately, but I'll make sure we post something about it. :)


That's a great blog! I'd love to do a feature on it sometime!

it took me a bit to copy-paste the link, so for everyone else, here it is:

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