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Update Twitter With Your Blog Posts, Commenting Fixes, And More

We just shipped another great update to TypePad at the end of last week. We actually had to fit in a lot of small but crucial fixes for individual users in between these regular releases, so I want to thank everyone here on the TypePad Team who've been working so hard.

My favorite big new feature in this release is (of course!) sharing your most recent post with Twitter and Friendfeed. Thanks to everyone in our Get Satisfaction forum who suggested this. On the right hand side of your compose screen, you should see something that says "share this post", which will lead you to where you can set up your other accounts to be notified when you update posts. When you want to tell your friends about your new post on TypePad, you can now automagically send out a link letting your friends know. Here's a good example of how it looks from our own Hungry Frenchman:

Picture 3  

Some other improvements and fixes we made in this last release include being able to increase your comment limit to 100 comments per page. We want to add more comments per-page really soon, but hang in there, we have to make certain that all of your excited commenters and readers will also still have a great experience.

We added a blog footer feature for our Beta users, and hope that we'll be able to share it with everyone soon, just as we did with the "share this post" feature.

Other important features and fixes from this last release:

  • Fixed lots of bugs related to registration, upgrades, downgrades and account changes
  • Fixed a lot of TypeList issues
  • Improved a lot of billing-related challenges and fixed several bugs for our worldwide users.
  • Proactively identified and fixed individual accounts
  • Improved our Network Operations logging
  • TypePad Connect: we added the ability for your commenters with profiles to turn off their recent activity streams via their profile edit page. 
  • Fixed a lot of TypePad Connect issues, including comment moderation
  • Fixed more native TypePad commenting bugs

Thanks again to everyone who was a part of making this release a great one!


David Harlow

Re: the twitter update function, it would be great if you could add a few features: (1) Customization of the lead-in text ("Blogging" in your example) (2) Easy selection of short URL service instead of trying to tweet a full typepad URL which will end up cut off / useless / etc. (3) Include the beginning of the post if the title and short URL don't take up 140 chars. Until these changes are made, I'm stuck using twitterfeed, which is getting slower and slower ... Thanks.

David Harlow

And now that I've gotten warmed up: My compose screen is set with a certain font size, and I'd like the default to be different. Is there a way I can change that? It drives me nuts; I have to highlight and change a whole post, but doing so wipes out links and/or italics etc. Also, adding a link after I've switched the font size for a whole post sometimes results in shrinking the linked text abck down to 13 pt. Very glitchy, typepad folks.

Take Root Publishing

I am sooo loving this twitter integration! I am even more excited since I realized tonight that all my 45 women who write on my team can ad their twitter acts toooooooooooo! Woop! Thats awesome!

My ONLY suggestion to you is... and its an important one!

The tweet is cutting off the complete URLS if the titles are long.
This went through...
Blogging 'Avoiding Resentment '

But this... did not...
Blogging 'Christian Women Take Root March Writer's Contest Winner!' ...

Its no good if the link wont work.
Make all URLS AUTO SHORTEN TO Bitly or trackable URL shortner!!
Oh my golly would soooooooo RAWHK!



this is actually a known issue from Twitter - but I hope they'll have it fixed soon. :)

Account Deleted

This comment relates to folks hitting the wall with URLS being too long to post in Twitter. I believe Twitter is supposed to automatically shorten a URL - but it does not always seem to work. I do all my Tweets using Tweetdeck - free application, much better visual layout and awesome 100% fail proof URL shortening tool. You enter your text in one box, and your URL in another, then hit "shorten" - Tweetdeck will let you know if you need to adjust the length of your text to accomodate the shrunken URL. Hope that helps.

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