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Add a Welcome Message to Your Blog

Here's one way to use the Feature This Post feature:

  1. Go to Compose and scroll down.
  2. On the lower right, click on Display Options.
  3. Check the box for Feature This Post and then click OK.
  4. You'll now see a 'Feature This Post' check box on your compose screen.
  5. Write your welcome message, back date it a bit.
  6. Be sure you check the checkbox to feature the post. Note: You can only feature one post at a time. If you had previously marked a post as featured, this new post will be featured instead.
  7. Save and publish the post.
  8. View your blog's homepage to be sure the welcome message is in the right place.


Karin at Tennis IDENTITY

That's a great help, thanks. I needed something like this.


Great feature! Thanks, Andy, I was looking for this for a long time...


I like this feature

Christopher Ming Ryan

Great idea. It's worth a try - especially if you've brought in a lot of new subscribers recently.

Account Deleted

Is it not possible to get a free accout with name oyunmemo and link it to http://www.oyunmemo.com ?

Rachel Anne

I've used a Welcome Post for about a year, for new readers to "get" what my blog is all about!

Account Deleted

Great support! I added mine today and it made my blog content looks more cohesive! Thanks!

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