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Adding del.icio.us Widgets To Your Sidebar

Picture 1 Want to add your del.icio.us linkrolls, tags, or your del.icio.us to the sidebar of your blog? It's easy.

There's lots of ways to incorporate your blog and your del.icio.us social bookmarking activity. There's a great widget in our gallery that you can just add right in for displaying your bookmarks.  You can see how I did my own links in this screenshot on the right. (I take the word del.icio.us pretty literally, as you can see.)

Tthere's a tagroll widget, too, if you prefer to show us your tags. Got lots of followers on del.icio.us? Show off with your del.icio.us badge widget to let everyone know!

Want more? You can use your del.icio.us RSS feed and set it up in Setting Your Content Selections. (Add your RSS feed’s URL as http://del.icio.us/yourusername.) 

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