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Favorite Blogs: Real Pie Media

Newlogocent2 Real Pie Media is a very cool, socially aware creative agency, using their TypePad blog as a way to showcase their latest and greatest work. TypePad makes handling content from their projects a breeze. Real Pie shows a great example of how to think outside of the blogging box.  I asked their creative director, Kirk Skodis, what he liked the best about Typepad.

"Since 2004, Real Pie has used a TypePad blog as the portfolio site for our digital creative agency. It shows our commitment to social media and can be updated easier than any CMS we might build. Being a blog also lets our clients subscribe to our RSS feed, so they'll always be updated immediately with our latest work = Priceless."


Visit Real Pie Media.


Amanda Rettke

I am so glad there is finally a new blog up here... why don't you change out the featured blogs more? This group has been up here for quite a long time now, and frankly, I would like to see something different.

And I would also like to ask if you can feature my blog! I really dont feel like you have any 'mom' blogs being represented on this feature page, and thats a really popular niche for so many!

God bless-
Amanda R


we try to feature one new blog per week, however, we've been SO busy with new features and widgets that I haven't had the space to write more. Thanks for sending your blog our way. :)

infrared camera

I agree it is nice to finally see some new featured blogs up here............time to hire an assistant Ginevra

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