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Doing More With TypePad Profiles

Ready to discover new blogs, and find out more about who’s reading yours? Want people to know about your latest blog post -- and the interesting comments you leave around the web?

Picture 9Your TypePad profile tracks your comments from your favorite sites. We’ve made your profile even more fun: when you add your TypePad blog to your profile, we'll update your profile with your most recent post, so there’s more ways for people to connect to you and your blog.


More Control.
We’ve also added a new level of control over how your profile appears on the web. Hide specific comments if you want, or hide activity. Read our tips on how to customize your profile: change your URL, your photo, your nickname, and lots of other cool stuff.

Updated Bio
For existing TypePad bloggers, we’ve made a few changes to make your recent updates easier for your visitors to find. Since we all know that a short tagline can work to grab a reader’s attention, your profile will now display your “One Line Bio” instead of your “Extended Bio”. If you would like to use the information in your “Extended Bio” on your profile, simply copy the information into your “One Line Bio”. 

Picture 11  

More Places
The greater social network is the web, and you’re at the center.  You can add your other services, like Twitter, Facebook and more to your profile. Connect with your readers, wherever they are.


More on the Way
This is just the beginning of some of the cool things we’re working on to help you find great blogs and new readers.

Everyone with a profile will now have the ability to follow their favorite TypePad commenters and bloggers. [Spoiler alert!] There is so much more on the way.

More great content. More readers. More from your friends at TypePad.

Go to your TypePad profile.

Want to learn more about your TypePad profile? Check out the FAQ.



Nice changes.

Is a way of bringing the follow button onto your blog itself on its way? Or is it there already, and I'm just missing it? :)


sure can - it's in Design -> Content -> About Me - > Follow Me.


OK - it was just me missing it. ;-)


Randy Thomas

I like the new changes and am excited about the "more on the way" teaser. I hope it's soon :-)

sara girlscantell

this is great! i've just added the "follow me" button to my blog. yay!

Mark Simmons

Awesome. Be sure to add your blog to your profile so people can navigate easily back to your site.


I'm glad you're excited about it - the "more on the way" for TypePad is going to be awesome.

TAS  mania

I get the follow concept and would love to see a list of typepad bloggers, am I missing the list? to select from to follow.... can you point it out? ....

Account Deleted

I've already added my blog to my profile. But it's not updating my profile with my recent posts.

Account Deleted

Only Typepad followers can follow me on my Typepad profile? It sucks because I have like, only 1 percent of Typepad readers. Most of my readers are from Blogspot and WP. How about others who are not Typepad bloggers? It's really frustrating that my blog since I created this , I've never been featured even on the "Recently Updated Blogs". I think Typepad does not like my blog.

Jose Abigail Cruz Infante

Muy interesante. Es lo que todos deseamos para ver nuestros blogs en la gran red mundial.


we're going to be doing a ton more with following soon, but since it's just being rolled out, we wanted everyone to take a peek first before adding other services.

Weird thoigh, that the recently updated blogs isn't showing yours - have you ever talked with our tech support team about this?

Account Deleted

Ginevra---thanks for replying. I did not contact Support about this since I presume they (the staff or whoever is in charge of this) just pick whatever blog they choose. Maybe they are partial to blogs to their liking. I tried to submit my blog before to Featured Blogs thrice (3x) but I don't think the staff is convinced and is not impressed with my blog so I really did not care about contacting Support why my blog is not in Recently Updated Weblogs. Maybe the staff just feature blogs under Recently Updated Weblogs --those blogs that they like and because they don't like my blog, they would not really care.


Aw, Bing! it's certainly nothing personal about you and your blog. We phased out the larger featured.typepad.com blog a while back because it was a LOT of content to write, but we're featuring bloggers in all sorts of new ways these days - part of the profiles/follow stuff will play into this too.

I'm so sorry that you've felt slighted in some way. It's certainly not the case. :)

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