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The Pet Blog Lady

What an incredible blog! Being a devoted digital scrapbooker, I can certainly see your passion through your postings.

Kimberly S.

Ali is truly inspirational! I turn to her blog and books for ideas and inspiration for my scrapbook pages and homemade gifts. Thank you for featuring her blog!

sara girlscantell

what a beautiful blog! there's a lot going on and a ton of information, but it's not overwhelming in the least bit. i love it!


oh cool - I'd love to know about any others that you might want to feature.


you're welcome! I'm happy there's such an active community of crafty people on TypePad.


this is such a beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing this Ginevra.


I'm so glad you like it, Vero!


Wow, I could get lost all day in this blog :-) So much great information there!

Cate Holst

Such a beautiful blog! Stunning and inspirational. Thanks for sharing

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