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Favorite Blogs: Last Year's Model

Just in time for Earth Day, our friend and colleague Anil Dash has started a site with TypePad called Last Year's Model. The idea is that you don't need the newest and shiniest gadget just because it's newer and shinier. Choose to hang on to just one gadget you've already got that works - and appreciate it. Then blog about it, Twitter about it, and join the cause on Facebook.

Visit Last Year's Model and take the challenge for yourself.



Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

You might want to edit this post. The proper URL for the site is, not .com!!!


great catch - I was just fixing that as your comment came in. I appreciate it!

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Glad to be of assistance. You guys at Typepad have done so much for so many bloggers, writers, media types, etc. over the years. It's the least that we faithful users can do.


thinks for this tip

infrared camera

hehe getting glutinous Americans to buy older products is an interesting concept

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