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Lijit.logo We're excited about another widget that we like a lot, from our friends at Lijit. You can add a Lijit search box to your blog to index your own blog content. It can also index stuff from your social networking profiles, like Twitter, Flickr, bookmarks, and others. This can help your blog get more page views and helps you to increase your reach online. If you're someone making money with your blog from ads, you'll have the option to promote ads on Lijit search results pages.

Lijit also offers performance and traffic analytics for cool things like geo-location and keyword searches. Adding Lijit to your blog is easy - just click here to get started.



wow,,this is incredible!! well,hello everyone,,I am feeling like I have really turned into my parents tonight b/c I have no idea what a blog is! it's ok to laugh,,,but I'm learning,,and it seems like a great way to communicate,,,anything I guess! Any tips, suggestions,,would be greatly appreciated!
Take care!

A Twitter User

First off... the Lijit widget is great. Internal traffic has doubled since I installed the Lijit Search.

However... the search widget is 180 pxl wide and the typepad side bar is 200 pxl wide with a 15 pxl padding. So the right edge of the widget is cutoff. Hopefully Typepad and Lijit will get together and resolve this problem?



hi Gary! If you open up a ticket with our tech support team, we should be able to help you get this sorted out.

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