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SEO improvements, Upgrades, and Post Preview

It's that time again - we released another great update to TypePad for you with some very cool features and lots of fixes. We're going to highlight some particular elements of this release this week, starting with my favorite feature: enhanced post preview. This means that when you (or I) click preview for a post, the blog design is also part of the previewed post. Here's an example of my preview window for this post:


Here's just a little bit about some more of the work we did for this release:

  • Everyone now has more HTML title tag options, which will help with your blog's SEO results
  • Beta users: check out the new inline audio player for mp3s.
  • We're still working on some complex migration tasks behind the scenes for just a few remaining bloggers with our TypeKey service.
  • Giving some help to our men and women in the US Armed Services by improving the way we handle US Military addresses and the frequent changes with those.
  • Improved how bloggers re-open accounts with TypePad. Know someone who wants to come back to TypePad? Let us know!
  • Worked on a large number of your requests, from feedback we've received from help tickets and Get Satisfaction forum posts.
  • More improvements to our tracking of operations issues.

This is another big release, so congratulations to all! There's more detail to come this week.

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