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Tuning Up Your Blog

Our services department in TypePad One just finished up yet another successful tune-up. Richard Snowdon of Nonprofit Hearts was so pleased, we asked him to do a write-up about his experience.

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"The TypeTechs of TuneUp just finished upgrading my site and I wanted to say thank you. With a handful of small changes they made a very big difference.
And I wanted to tell you I'm in this TypePad relationship for the long term. My last website provider was a nightmare. Talk about high maintenance!
All I wanted to do was make a web-book. Not an e-book that people download, but a free book right there on the site with lots of links between chapters and frequent updates.
When I finally got myself to TypePad, with one click I had a homepage. Then I turned the TypeLists into navigation bars and I was in business.
My site is called Nonprofit Hearts. I didn't want to use explicit heart graphics because that would be a touch too cute. But you've got a template that's deep red with curving lines and the subliminal feeling of hearts. Perfect!"

Want a tune-up of your own? Just click to sign up.



I's like to ad my two cents and say that the Tune Up service is great! I took advantage of the service about a year ago. The support was super and they did everything they said they would.

Would I recommend it? Affirmative!


I'm glad you had a great experience! :)

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