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Away From Home With Windows Live Writer

Are you ready to add some power to your blogging workflow away from home? If you’re like most bloggers, your workflow looks a little like this:

- Check your RSS reader

- Compose your post

- Add photos, tags, and any relevant TrackBacks

- Check your statistics and other data

- Move on to read and comment on other blogs

Wlw But what if you're not within easy range of an internet connection? Whether you're away from home in a rustic mountain cabin or on an airplane, you don't have to lose time waiting until you're at the local internet café to write your blog posts.

Composing your blog posts offline with the free desktop client Windows Live Writer is an easy way to make sure that TypePad goes wherever you do.  Additionally, once you have downloaded the client and completed the easy setup, you only need to launch the program and start writing; with an abundance of plugins in the Windows Live Gallery (which you can browse here and here), you won’t need to switch to another tab or window to find many of the photo and video codes that you might need. 

Featuring a WYSIWYG Rich text editor, the environment in Windows Live Writer will be familiar to you as a TypePad blogger. Because it offers support for TypePad Pages, as well as Categories, Excerpts, and Extended Entries, you won’t even have to change the way that you blog. The inline spell check ensures that your proofreading will be an easy task, and if you need to present your data in a column, you can insert tables easily.

Using photos in your posts will become a particularly pleasant experience with Windows Live Writer. Just insert a photo from your computer’s hard drive, then add borders and special effects. If you like, you can even create an album for your photos right on your blog; you only have to select the style and sit back while Live Writer does the rest.

There’s no guesswork involved with Live Writer. The live preview feature allows you to see exactly what your post will look like once it has been published, down to the fonts, colors and formatting. Add it all up, and Live Writer’s built-in features may give you back some of the time and productivity that you're missing by being in-flight or at a remote location.

You can read more about Windows Live Writer and download it for free at

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