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Blogging: America's New Profession

Small biz image.4 The Wall Street Journal recently published some interesting research about the number of people in the U.S making a living from blogging. There are now 1.7 million profiting from their writing and 0.5 million making a living of it.  Many more small business are now using blogs as their complete online presence and earning their income that way.

Of course, this is not news to us. We have thousands of bloggers from all over the web in our ad program who make money discussing the things they love, like food, politics, entertainment, technology and parenting. In tough times like these more people are reviewing their options looking for alternative or additional sources of income. TypePad bloggers tend to be a cut above the rest in their dedication and expertise, so many are perfectly placed to start to reap their rewards. If you are considering turning your hobby into a business, the road is now easier than ever before. So many small business software companies have emerged in recent years that have a free or low priced option that can help you navigate the previously murky waters of creating a business.

TypePad has recently joined an alliance of these software providers to introduce you to some excellent resources, partners, products and information to help you succeed in your new business goals. It’s called The Small Business Web and its chock-a-block with great tips and tricks. One partner in the group is Outright, a free online book keeping software that we believe can help many TypePad bloggers with taxes and business administration. In the months to come we will be introducing you to a number of partners like Outright to help the budding business people among our very talented customer base achieve their dreams and start to make a living from what they enjoy the most. Lastly, we know the best tips for success will come from our own customers. If you are a small business consultant, designer or expert using or recommending TypePad please get in touch through the comments. We would love to connect you with other TypePad customers looking for help in this area.

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