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Design Tip: Change the Color of the New Journal Theme

Picture 3 A little while back, we released a new theme for TypePad called Journal, designed to be simple, flexible and to show off your content. The designer who constructed the Journal theme, our very own Jim Ramsey, has published a blog post on how you can customize the colors to make it even more your own.

Check out his post.

If you’ve done something cool with the Journal theme, we'd love to hear about it: tell us all about it in the comments. If what you did might help others, comment with details so that other community members can try it, too.


Graham TP1

Love this theme.

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

I first encountered this theme at Wordpress. I was glad when it was adapted for Typepad.

As you can see from my blog, I have made some customizations to it (font size, different link colors for different parts of the blog, blockquotes, banner height/color, adding graphic to post header, adding special design to images embedded in posts, removing text indent, etc.) -- all really simple stuff that I implemented a while before even seeing this post here. I'm not a programmer at all, so all the customizations you see on my blog can be done quite easily. In other words, if I can pull it off, then anyone can.

If anyone is interested in reproducing parts of my customization, contact me, and I'll send a copy of my custom CSS.

Account Deleted

Love Journal! I stole some CSS from Jim Ramsey's Share and Enjoy site for http://dshack.net. It's not doing quite everything I want yet, but it's getting there.

Catching The Waves

In a startling evolutionary leap, I've changed my template from Powell Street to Journal. The addition of a few widgets made PS look very crowded and untidy, so I prefer Journal's cleaner look.

I'm a Basic member of TypePad so I don't have much control over the template. Could we have Journal in both light and dark blue, please? The grey & black templates are very sober, red gives me a headache and green, while pleasant, doesn't go with a blog called "Catching The Waves". :) An off-white background would also help to define images that have white backgrounds & borders. Thank you.


maybe we could get you upgraded for a bit so that you could see if the custom CSS would get you where you want to be? Let me know - I'd be happy to upgrade you for free for a bit to see if you like it! :)

Catching The Waves

Hi Ginerva,

Thank you for the offer. I'd be interested in seeing if my low IQ is capable of utilising CSS. We could call it an acronym contest. :)

Please don't make permanent upgrading irresistible; my wallet would scream.

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