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Some businesses don't want to appear intimate, and rather appear larger than they really are.

True. I think I was trying to say few businesses want to appear inhuman. Large companies can still let individuals be individuals and talk to their customers like they are real people.

I have a TypePad blog, but wow do you set up that Welcome Page?

Create a Page in TypePad. Then go to Settings > Posts & Pages : Front Page and set the Front Page of your blog to be your Welcome page.

Is Typepad Services a free or additional fee service?

Aside from our 24/7 support, TypePad One's services are an additional cost. More information at

What is the difference between VerticalResponse and Aweber?

Here's a link to some reviews of email services.

How do I create a Products page?

Create a Page called Products and then link to it in your horizontal navigation.

How do you do a double nav bar?

LA Times is using advanced templates in this case.

How about monetizing blogs themselves - rec?

Direct revenue streams for blogs include cost-per-impression ads like our Six Apart Media Program, contextual ads like Google's AdSense, affiliate commission-based sales and JV partnerships with companies that make products related to your niche.

If I want to have someone help me design my blog, do you have people to do this?

Yes. We have our TypePad One services team as well as a list of indie designers we like. Full details at

Does the Power Launch include creation of banner graphic?

Yes. They can make a simple banner or integrate your existing brand and design. For more customized work you'll want to work with a designer. Full description of Power Launch.

If you already have a "standard website" how dfficult is it to make the transition to blog as website?

We can easily re-map your domain from the old site to the new one on TypePad. Andy had a client move his content into TypePad and his search engine ranking jumped considerably. Here's the site in TypePad.

For the contact page is the email address one that is hosted from TypePad or is it from where you bought the domain name from?

I talked to the folks at Formspring and they said it can be either your email address or [email protected]. Other widgets may have other settings.

Will the same banner be on all pages or just the welcome page?

Correct. The banner is across the entire blog.

What was that site for images?

Where's that tutorial on changing your blog to 1 column with sidebars underneath?

Here it is on Everything TypePad.

Can you upload a custom background image?

Here's a tutorial in our knowledgebase.

Good resources for learning CSS?

W3C is a good place to start.

TypePad's CSS is documented in our knowledgebase.

Ecommerce sites mentioned?

You meant

Handmade crafts

Where's the widget gallery?

PayPal, Google Checkout,

PayPal vs Google Checkout (more)

When I change layout to 1-column is that for every page of the blog?

Yes. Design decisions are 'blog-wide'.

What is relationship between TypePad and Six Apart?

Six Apart is the company that runs the TypePad service. We also created Vox and Movabe Type and operate a fast-growing ad program for bloggers.

Why aren't major bloggers like Yaro Starak or Darren Rowse on TypePad?

For Yaro and Darren, their entire businesses are their blogs so they have the resources to fund custom complex design, continually upgrade the back-end software, watch for plugin vulnerabilities and monitor their data center for security. With TypePad we do all of that for you so your 'total cost of ownership' is much lower. Plus, these guys like to tinker. If there are specific questions you have or things you're wanting to do with your blog, just let us know!

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