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What's Following All About?

Updated 7/20/09

If you're previewing the new TypePad, you may see some new things on your Dashboard, and you might be asking yourself: "what's this new following thing all about?"

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Something we heard over and over when customers were giving us feedback on TypePad is that it was too hard to find new blogs to read. We want to make it easier for you to discover great blogs, keep tabs on your favorite bloggers, and to help you engage more easily (like with quick comment replies) with your readers.

Your Dashboard helps you to know when someone you're following comments, answers a Question of The Day, follows another TypePad blogger, or adds a post to their TypePad blog.

Best of all, it’s fun! Being able to track what my most pithy and interesting commenters say and do is a great way to get inspired to blog even better.

"So, how do I find people to follow?"

We’ve suggested a few folks you might want to follow, just as a way to show you how it works. For example, Sweetney is a great blogger, and some of her best zingers are in her comments. You can follow her to get an idea of what following feels like in your dashboard, and how it can help give you insight on ongoing conversations within the TypePad community.

You can follow the people your friends are following, or you can also follow the people who've commented on your blog with TypePad Connect.

"Why is this on my dashboard?"

We're still working on making the dashboard more interactive and customizable - this is only the beginning! It's why we're previewing the new TypePad and taking your suggestions and feedback. Let us know what you think of the feature, how you found people, and who your favorite people to follow have been.

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