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May 20 - Free Seminar on Business Blogging Best Practices

Don't forget that tomorrow (May 20) at 11am Pacific time, we will be giving a free teleseminar on Business Blogging. Our own Professor Wibbels along with TypePad Business Class account manager Claire Alcock will be telling you about the best practices for your business blog that you can employ to ensure your blog's success.

Can't make it tomorrow? We'll be recording it and posting it here on Everything TypePad.


Michael Josefowicz

I can't make the seminar but I wanted to share something I think I've learned. The real value of a blog is not what you say, but who invests the time to show up.

Using something like Statcounter, gives you great information in all kinds of tables to supply the feedback on who's visiting and what headlines catch Google. If you get the feedback you can better turn your focus to blogging on the issues that other people seem to care about.

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