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May 20 - Free Seminar on Business Blogging Best Practices

Don't forget that tomorrow (May 20) at 11am Pacific time, we will be giving a free teleseminar on Business Blogging. Our own Professor Wibbels along with TypePad Business Class account manager Claire Alcock will be telling you about the best practices for your business blog that you can employ to ensure your blog's success.

Can't make it tomorrow? We'll be recording it and posting it here on Everything TypePad.

What's Following All About?

Updated 7/20/09

If you're previewing the new TypePad, you may see some new things on your Dashboard, and you might be asking yourself: "what's this new following thing all about?"

Picture 3

Something we heard over and over when customers were giving us feedback on TypePad is that it was too hard to find new blogs to read. We want to make it easier for you to discover great blogs, keep tabs on your favorite bloggers, and to help you engage more easily (like with quick comment replies) with your readers.

Your Dashboard helps you to know when someone you're following comments, answers a Question of The Day, follows another TypePad blogger, or adds a post to their TypePad blog.

Best of all, it’s fun! Being able to track what my most pithy and interesting commenters say and do is a great way to get inspired to blog even better.

"So, how do I find people to follow?"

We’ve suggested a few folks you might want to follow, just as a way to show you how it works. For example, Sweetney is a great blogger, and some of her best zingers are in her comments. You can follow her to get an idea of what following feels like in your dashboard, and how it can help give you insight on ongoing conversations within the TypePad community.

You can follow the people your friends are following, or you can also follow the people who've commented on your blog with TypePad Connect.

"Why is this on my dashboard?"

We're still working on making the dashboard more interactive and customizable - this is only the beginning! It's why we're previewing the new TypePad and taking your suggestions and feedback. Let us know what you think of the feature, how you found people, and who your favorite people to follow have been.

Away From Home With Windows Live Writer

Are you ready to add some power to your blogging workflow away from home? If you’re like most bloggers, your workflow looks a little like this:

- Check your RSS reader

- Compose your post

- Add photos, tags, and any relevant TrackBacks

- Check your statistics and other data

- Move on to read and comment on other blogs

Wlw But what if you're not within easy range of an internet connection? Whether you're away from home in a rustic mountain cabin or on an airplane, you don't have to lose time waiting until you're at the local internet café to write your blog posts.

Composing your blog posts offline with the free desktop client Windows Live Writer is an easy way to make sure that TypePad goes wherever you do.  Additionally, once you have downloaded the client and completed the easy setup, you only need to launch the program and start writing; with an abundance of plugins in the Windows Live Gallery (which you can browse here and here), you won’t need to switch to another tab or window to find many of the photo and video codes that you might need. 

Featuring a WYSIWYG Rich text editor, the environment in Windows Live Writer will be familiar to you as a TypePad blogger. Because it offers support for TypePad Pages, as well as Categories, Excerpts, and Extended Entries, you won’t even have to change the way that you blog. The inline spell check ensures that your proofreading will be an easy task, and if you need to present your data in a column, you can insert tables easily.

Using photos in your posts will become a particularly pleasant experience with Windows Live Writer. Just insert a photo from your computer’s hard drive, then add borders and special effects. If you like, you can even create an album for your photos right on your blog; you only have to select the style and sit back while Live Writer does the rest.

There’s no guesswork involved with Live Writer. The live preview feature allows you to see exactly what your post will look like once it has been published, down to the fonts, colors and formatting. Add it all up, and Live Writer’s built-in features may give you back some of the time and productivity that you're missing by being in-flight or at a remote location.

You can read more about Windows Live Writer and download it for free at

Does your blog need a little love? Tune it up!

Maile had recently launched her blog, Dancing in the Sand, and wanted to really make it stand out. She wasn't sure what steps to take, however, so she purchased a Blog Tune-Up Service from TypePad One.

Dancinginthesandscreenshot She had a custom banner image she wanted to use so we created a design that matches her banner. We also created a favicon (the little icon that appears in the address bar when viewing the blog) that matches the banner and now her blog has a unique visual brand. Then we added social media tools like the Add This and Email This FeedFlares so that people can easily share her posts with others, and an email subscription widget so that visitors can be notified whenever she updates her blog. These are great ways to get more traffic to a blog, and make sure people keep coming back.

We also gave Maile tips on how to improve the navigation on her blog, and best practices when posting. She was very happy with our work and told us:

"The tune-up was such a great experience and ended up saving me a ton of money.  It was just what I needed to take it to the next level.

Thanks again, you guys have been wonderful to work with from day one, I'm a big fan and have already recommended your platform to several new bloggers."

Want to show your blog some love with a Tune-Up? Head over to TypePad One to sign up!

Favorite Blogs: is a great example of how professional—or should I say fffabulous? a TypePad blog can look. uses the Minimialist Pink template we recommend in our Design section; and with a bit of personalization, it just looks like it's been custom-made. is all about fffavorites that one must try out and own, whether it's about the perfect pair of jeans, trendy shoes, or beauty products, or even men's or baby stuff. You can also find the perfect gift ideas for the fffabulous person in your life.


Blogging: America's New Profession

Small biz image.4 The Wall Street Journal recently published some interesting research about the number of people in the U.S making a living from blogging. There are now 1.7 million profiting from their writing and 0.5 million making a living of it.  Many more small business are now using blogs as their complete online presence and earning their income that way.

Of course, this is not news to us. We have thousands of bloggers from all over the web in our ad program who make money discussing the things they love, like food, politics, entertainment, technology and parenting. In tough times like these more people are reviewing their options looking for alternative or additional sources of income. TypePad bloggers tend to be a cut above the rest in their dedication and expertise, so many are perfectly placed to start to reap their rewards. If you are considering turning your hobby into a business, the road is now easier than ever before. So many small business software companies have emerged in recent years that have a free or low priced option that can help you navigate the previously murky waters of creating a business.

TypePad has recently joined an alliance of these software providers to introduce you to some excellent resources, partners, products and information to help you succeed in your new business goals. It’s called The Small Business Web and its chock-a-block with great tips and tricks. One partner in the group is Outright, a free online book keeping software that we believe can help many TypePad bloggers with taxes and business administration. In the months to come we will be introducing you to a number of partners like Outright to help the budding business people among our very talented customer base achieve their dreams and start to make a living from what they enjoy the most. Lastly, we know the best tips for success will come from our own customers. If you are a small business consultant, designer or expert using or recommending TypePad please get in touch through the comments. We would love to connect you with other TypePad customers looking for help in this area.

Now In Beta: Previewing The All New TypePad

DashboardWe’re thrilled to announce this summer’s biggest blockbuster: The All New TypePad. We’ve launched a preview -- a trailer, to extend the metaphor -- of this all-new version of TypePad to our beta team today and we couldn’t be more excited. The new TypePad is built for you, based on your feedback, requests, and ideas. 

When we first created TypePad, our goal was to make this revolutionary thing called a “weblog” easier for you. The web was a different place back in 2003, and how you expressed yourself and shared your story, your brand, and your life online was very different as well.

It’s time to reinvent blogging.

Our mission is still what it was when we began: to create a fun and easy blogging experience for you. But we think blogging is evolving. The web is the biggest social network of all, and you and your blog are at the center. We want to make it easier for you to share with your friends and readers, to connect with your favorite sites and services, and for others to discover and enjoy your blog. The new TypePad will connect you to the rest of the web. And we’re making connecting as easy for you in 2009 as we made publishing back in 2003.

New-typepad  The first part of the new TypePad is a beautiful redesign of TypePad. We’ve eliminated some of the biggest annoyances. (2 sets of tabs, anyone?) Second, we’ve also built the All New TypePad to help you get more traffic. Third: we’ve made improvements to features you already use, like search engine optimization options, changing URLs on the fly, a revolutionary commenting experience and more. Plus, we’ve added great new features, like the ability to follow your favorite bloggers, helping you connect with your readers, and to help your audience engage with you and your blog.

We’ll be keeping the trailers coming over the next few weeks to show off the new TypePad. This will be available for everyone to preview very soon, and, of course, we’ll give you plenty of time to get used to working with the new features. (But we really think you’ll like the new TypePad best.)

We helped invent blogging, and we think it’s time to reinvent it. Interested in seeing the future of blogging by being one of our Beta testers? Join the Beta team by signing up here.

Design Tip: Change the Color of the New Journal Theme

Picture 3 A little while back, we released a new theme for TypePad called Journal, designed to be simple, flexible and to show off your content. The designer who constructed the Journal theme, our very own Jim Ramsey, has published a blog post on how you can customize the colors to make it even more your own.

Check out his post.

If you’ve done something cool with the Journal theme, we'd love to hear about it: tell us all about it in the comments. If what you did might help others, comment with details so that other community members can try it, too.

Favorite Blogs: Daily Routines

Marilyn.monroe.and.truman.capote Daily Routines is just that: a chronicle of the daily routines of the great writers, artists and thinkers, straight from their pages to you. That's the singular common thread, as the gamut of routines runs from early risers to late-night boozehounds: the struggles of Capote to do so much as to get vertical during his day, Kingsley Amis' battle against the afternoon doldrums, Toni Morrison's love of the pre-dawn.

You may have heard about Daily Routines from all the praise it's been getting online lately, including from influential TypePad blogs like the Times and Andrew Sullivan (and MT-powered perennnial fave BoingBoing).

A favorite exchange of mine is a quote from an interview with Arthur Miller.

Do you have a routine for writing?

I wish I had a routine for writing. I get up in the morning and I go out to my studio and I write. And then I tear it up! That's the routine, really. Then, occasionally, something sticks. And then I follow that. The only image I can think of is a man walking around with an iron rod in his hand during a lightning storm.

Visit Daily Routines.