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Now In Beta: Previewing The All New TypePad

DashboardWe’re thrilled to announce this summer’s biggest blockbuster: The All New TypePad. We’ve launched a preview -- a trailer, to extend the metaphor -- of this all-new version of TypePad to our beta team today and we couldn’t be more excited. The new TypePad is built for you, based on your feedback, requests, and ideas. 

When we first created TypePad, our goal was to make this revolutionary thing called a “weblog” easier for you. The web was a different place back in 2003, and how you expressed yourself and shared your story, your brand, and your life online was very different as well.

It’s time to reinvent blogging.

Our mission is still what it was when we began: to create a fun and easy blogging experience for you. But we think blogging is evolving. The web is the biggest social network of all, and you and your blog are at the center. We want to make it easier for you to share with your friends and readers, to connect with your favorite sites and services, and for others to discover and enjoy your blog. The new TypePad will connect you to the rest of the web. And we’re making connecting as easy for you in 2009 as we made publishing back in 2003.

New-typepad  The first part of the new TypePad is a beautiful redesign of TypePad. We’ve eliminated some of the biggest annoyances. (2 sets of tabs, anyone?) Second, we’ve also built the All New TypePad to help you get more traffic. Third: we’ve made improvements to features you already use, like search engine optimization options, changing URLs on the fly, a revolutionary commenting experience and more. Plus, we’ve added great new features, like the ability to follow your favorite bloggers, helping you connect with your readers, and to help your audience engage with you and your blog.

We’ll be keeping the trailers coming over the next few weeks to show off the new TypePad. This will be available for everyone to preview very soon, and, of course, we’ll give you plenty of time to get used to working with the new features. (But we really think you’ll like the new TypePad best.)

We helped invent blogging, and we think it’s time to reinvent it. Interested in seeing the future of blogging by being one of our Beta testers? Join the Beta team by signing up here.

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