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Now In Beta: Previewing The All New TypePad

DashboardWe’re thrilled to announce this summer’s biggest blockbuster: The All New TypePad. We’ve launched a preview -- a trailer, to extend the metaphor -- of this all-new version of TypePad to our beta team today and we couldn’t be more excited. The new TypePad is built for you, based on your feedback, requests, and ideas. 

When we first created TypePad, our goal was to make this revolutionary thing called a “weblog” easier for you. The web was a different place back in 2003, and how you expressed yourself and shared your story, your brand, and your life online was very different as well.

It’s time to reinvent blogging.

Our mission is still what it was when we began: to create a fun and easy blogging experience for you. But we think blogging is evolving. The web is the biggest social network of all, and you and your blog are at the center. We want to make it easier for you to share with your friends and readers, to connect with your favorite sites and services, and for others to discover and enjoy your blog. The new TypePad will connect you to the rest of the web. And we’re making connecting as easy for you in 2009 as we made publishing back in 2003.

New-typepad  The first part of the new TypePad is a beautiful redesign of TypePad. We’ve eliminated some of the biggest annoyances. (2 sets of tabs, anyone?) Second, we’ve also built the All New TypePad to help you get more traffic. Third: we’ve made improvements to features you already use, like search engine optimization options, changing URLs on the fly, a revolutionary commenting experience and more. Plus, we’ve added great new features, like the ability to follow your favorite bloggers, helping you connect with your readers, and to help your audience engage with you and your blog.

We’ll be keeping the trailers coming over the next few weeks to show off the new TypePad. This will be available for everyone to preview very soon, and, of course, we’ll give you plenty of time to get used to working with the new features. (But we really think you’ll like the new TypePad best.)

We helped invent blogging, and we think it’s time to reinvent it. Interested in seeing the future of blogging by being one of our Beta testers? Join the Beta team by signing up here.



Exciting stuff! Can't wait to see it in action.

Nellie Moore

All the new tools sound great! Can't wait to be able to use them. When do we go live with them for all to use?

Great job TypePad!

Nellie Moore
WyseWomen LLC
Check out my newest blog posts at:

sara girlscantell

oooh! so exciting! thanks for all the hard work that's gone into these upcoming improvements!


Oh thank god! Will the compose screen also get the overhaul it needs? Most of all, does this mean the evil image handling will finally have a stake driven through its black and terrible heart? Please?

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Please restore the "quote" button to the toolbar of the compose screen. I may be old-fashioned or a purist, but "indent" as a substitute for a real blockquote button simply doesn't do it for me.

Typepad right now is the only blogging application without a separate quote button for its composer.

As a result, I am forced to add actual blockquotes manually via HTML.

Account Deleted

Much better. But I really wish that we had an option to edit Meta descriptions/keywords for individual posts.


Sean: actually, you can! The "Excerpt" field on Compose will be used to populate the meta description, and the "Keywords" field will be used to populate the meta keywords. And, if you haven't filled out an excerpt, we'll auto-generate one for you.


soon soon! in a few weeks, once we've ironed out everything. :)


thanks hon! I can't WAIT to show yall everything that happens next for TypePad.


oh man - you have had the most challenging time with it, and YES, absolutely. It was a long road, but we're almost there.


thanks, Ben! :)


us too!


I know blockquote has been an annoying missing piece. A little piece of custom CSS should fix blockquote in the meantime:

blockquote, .entry-content div.blockquote, entry-content p.blockquote {
background-color: #e9e9e9;
margin: 0px 20px 8px 15px !important;
padding: 15px 10px 10px 15px;

TAS  mania

I am guessing that PROFILE FUNCTIONS get search with blog browsing AND quick link to other six a part bloggers!

If typepad is becoming like a backwards facebook. I.E. FB- social profile as feature and Blog as and application. . . Blog as feature and social connection thru profiles, i am stoked. Especially if profilers are those that like to dyi blog set up and actively post.

Unless I am completely missing a link button....right now it looks to me "the user" that many employees have profiles and few bloggers do and I really don't know how to connect to other bloggers other than thru the typepad blog comment sections... I remember there was a list of all the previous blogs that were featured.... haven't seen it lately...

my wish at a minimum? put me on the list of "people you should follow!" as seen in your example! cuz i'm going places! taking off to travel happy!

Anil Dash

Hmmm.... I think somebody is on to some pretty good ideas here. ;)

Werner Patels @ The Right Comment

Thanks, but I don't think that workaround will work for most "quote purists" ;-)

Usually what I do nowadays is that I write my post in Word 2007, which is integrated with Typepad and other blogging applications. Unlike previous MS Word versions, the 2007 version allows you to write your entire post, with categories, etc. before transmitting it directly to your blog. The blockquote definition placed in WORD travels along too.

Quing Obillos

I'm impressed with the developments! Keep it up! I'm so excited!

Quing Obillos

I agree! Hehhehe! I loved the instant block-quoting. :D

Account Deleted

Cannae wait... bring it on!


Sounds FANTASTIC-can't wait!

Phillip Wells

Really hope that this new release is going to get the basics right and not just focus on flashy new features. What I really want is per-post comment feeds for Typepad Connect, a feed for all comments on any post on my blog, and so on, not fancy "social networking" features.

Jane N-B

How about updates to templates/look and feel of the blogs themselves? WordPress seems to be winning the race for the best looking blogs out there, and you can use/buy an infinite number of templates to get the look and feel you want.

TypePad (while I love it), is suffering in comparison.


I'm really impressed with the Dashboard. Love the fact that we can track unique visitors!!

I do miss the search function for my Posts.

Also, I'm still holding out for the Header feature so I can serve Leaderboard ads on my Website!

Otherwise, BRAVO!!

Account Deleted

I just hope that you improve the commenting system without intimidating other bloggers especially non-Typepad users to comment without signing in. This is the only most frustrating part of my Typepad experience. I tried the Typekey account but my readers are so intimidated and scared of the "signing in " part, so I deleted the Typekey commenting system. I just wish that I could reply to comments without asking my commenters to sign in.

Also, I don't know how to qualify even for the "Recently Updated Weblogs" so that my blog is at least featured among Typepad network. I submitted my blog for "Featured Blogs" but I guess I am not qualified. I am not even known among Typepad bloggers. I only know 3 Typepad bloggers who read my blog regularly. And I met them thru social networking, not here on Typepad community. I guess, Typepad does not like me.

Other than that, I like Typepad so much.

Bernie Goldbach

This follow-you follow-me compelling activity stream sucked nearly 20 minutes from my day. Please make it stop so I can return to my real work.

David Harlow

My pet peeve is that I can't seem to get my compose screen to change from the default font size. So I have to type a bunch (but remember not to add a hyperlink or italics or anything 'cause they'll be lost when I change font size), highlight and change the font size. Then if I add a hyperlink, half the time the anchor text snaps back to the default font size. Hope this is fixed.


Viewing the trailer, it seems the only options for comments will be open, closed and hidden: I don't want comments on my posts, and always select "none"; will I still have that option in the new version?

Account Deleted

Looks promising.


thanks! I'm glad you like it so far.


I totally understand - we'll have a proper fix for it ASAP.

Marcos Salazar

In the What's Happening Now section there has to be a way to filter comments from specific blogs.

1) The name of the blog should be much more prominent
2) I have over 5 active blogs but may only want to see comments from 1
3) You should be able to remove the "People you should know" section

Also, your video here is not working:


yep, you will! That preference is still here, under Settings/Comments.


following people is addicting, isn't it? I think it's way fun. And we're doing a lot more with it soon, but it's a nice peek into just some of the features we're putting in the new TypePad.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Just signed up for the Beta testing - the changes look to be really exciting! I'm really looking forward to all the great TypePad changes :)


thanks so much for your suggestions - I think you'll see a lot of profile and follow improvements that come along with the new TypePad. It's just the beginning of something amazing.

we do still feature loads of bloggers, especially here on Everything TypePad. We also feature people in our newsletters, in our posts, all sorts of things - and we'd love to feature you too!

great suggestion too on the "people you should follow" - we're working on some fun ways to show off your TypePad-tastic-osity.


yay - thanks Shauna!


I'll ask our Product team to weight in on where we are on the comment feeds stuff. But truly - it's less of a focus on being a social network. You've got enough of those. But there's only one you, and your blog is part of you. So connecting it all together with your friends, family, and readers is really important to us.


we're always working on cool new themes, and the custom theme builder is really cool even in the current version of TypePad for building beautiful sites really easily.

We're always thinking of new ways to make it even easier, though, so I think you'll see a lot of that - ways to make your blog look just how -you- want it.


I know! The header feature is a tricky one to get working correctly on all of our themes (not to mention across multiple browsers, platforms, et cetera) but it's definitely one we're working on.

Are you in the beta program already?


Yes I'm in the Beta Program and it's been a worthwhile experience.

If you just want to test the header on my blog, I'll be glad to be your guinea pig. Please let me know! I got clients buggin' me for leaderboard ads!


we're doing a whole slew of compose fixes next week - I'll ask around for this particular formatting issue that you're seeing. Do you already have a help ticket open about it?


hm - if you go straight to the post here:

does the video now work?


we've gotten a TON of interest in the Beta program - so don't worry if you don't get an answer straightaway. We're working as quickly as we can to have a preview ready for everyone soon too.


I know! I can't wait either. I'm so psyched on this that it's kind of ridiculous.


Ohhh. This is going to be fun.

The Typepad Team

Nope it's not about flashy features this time around. We're focusing on getting the core functionality right and simplifying the overall UI of the site. We've heard the per-post comment feed request many times and it is definitely one of the features that will be coming soon. We test out many of the new features with our beta group, so do sign up if you haven't yet.


YAY! Hi Julie!! I'm so glad to see you here.

The TypePad Product Team

The Search Posts function is there. Go to the Posts tab, then in the light blue header look for this:
"Filter or search". When you click the Search link it brings up the search box.

We've done rounds of usability testing for the site, but there's nothing better than having our very own Beta group use the site. So let me know if this is not an intuitive placement for the Search function.
- Vero


We know how important design is and are constantly working to offer new ways to help you improve the look and feel of your blog. One of the main goals of this redesign was to make the design section much easier to navigate and to surface customization options that were previously kind of hidden. That's not to say we aren't working on new templates or themes either, so stay tuned.

David Harlow

No, no ticket. Please let me know if my description of the problem is not clear enough.

The TypePad Product Team

To further clarify, "hidden" means that no comments or comment form show up on the post. That's the equivalent of "none".
- Vero


We want our bloggers to have more readers and commenters, not less. :) The TypeKey commenting system was not the best user experience (too much technical verbiage and a lot of information to fill out in the first pass) so I can understand how commenters were intimidated.

We've moved away from the TypeKey system and merged it into TypePad profiles. The registration process for TypePad profiles is friendly and quick. And by having your commenters create a TypePad profile, you will create a network around your blog. Every time they comment on your blog, it'll show up on their profile. Anyone who is following or viewing that profile will see their activity on your blog, thus drawing more people to potentially click through to your blog.


OK, now I see. Thanks.

Bernie Goldbach

There's a whole new subset of an online social network here in the Typepad community and that's probably a good thing because I'm too easily mired in the technology ghetto when flitting around on the internet.

Account Deleted

But it's quite hard convincing non-Typepad bloggers to create a Typepad profile. I wish Typepad has a better commenting system like a JS Kit type.

Take Root Publishing

Im excited to see, but fear due to having so many guest authors on my site, I will not get to see them very soon :(

A couple of things I REaLLy relate too that others have mentioned is, yes Typepad adds new 'themes' but its the awesome widgets from Wordpress that draws my eyes. Its not colors etc. Its all those choices of plugins! Its endless.

Also we have noticed big time what David says above...

Compose screen to change from the default font size. So I have to type a bunch (but remember not to add a hyperlink or italics or anything 'cause they'll be lost when I change font size), highlight and change the font size. Then if I add a hyperlink, half the time the anchor text snaps back to the default font size. Hope this is fixed.

This is REALLY a pain. Editing a writers work, and losing all formatting and active links just from changing the color or switching a font.

Typepad has let me do so much of what I wanted the site to be. Even working in advanced templates has not been that hard. I think for me I just want to get that front page the way I want it. And I cannot with what typepad offers.

I look so forward to see what is coming!
I dont think I am even allowed to beta test due to all my writers.
Want to peeeeeeek!

Matt Mullenweg

You guys did a great job here, I'm looking forward to see how some of the new changes play out and evolve as your users interact with them.


[this is good]

Yay - it's always great to hear from you, Matt! We're all excited about this too, of course, and to see the ways we're all contributing to the future of blogging.

Chris Alden

Thanks Matt. We appreciate that.

Nellie Moore

Thanks! Can't wait : )

Bernie Goldbach

I'm curious to see if the Typepad authentication system attracts usage so I'm starting to employ it on my Movable Type blogs.


I found out what a weblog is when I posted my very first blog on TypePad on September 11 2004. Ever since then, it's been a great experience! Can't wait to use the new features!Thanks for making blogging such a great pleasure! Filakia xxxxx

Marc Pellettiere

I find the spellcheck is klunky. Finds partial words as misspellings, there is no "add to dictionary" feature, so it catches my name and email everytime.
Thank You


the custom dictionary is REALLY hard to add for the product itself, but I want to do a group post where we all contribute to the custom dictionary. any ideas welcome!


I'm so glad you've been bloging with us for so long - thanks, Anastasia!


cool - let us know how we can help you build an audience/adoption!


I'm so glad to get your feedback on this - the beta of the commenting system means that we're still working on improving things. What do you feel is the biggest obstacle to registering new commenters?


we're working on a lot of these Compose screen issues - do you already have tickets open on these? I'm curious...

Bella StyleBook

Are the improvements still in beta?

How 'bout improving your spell checker so we can "add" words that we frequently use in our own posts.

Doug Millison

I still can't figure out how to create a new typelist and publish it in one of my blog sidebars. And I'm not a stupid person.


have you had the chance to open a help ticket on this one? TypeLists in the new TypePad should be in your "library", and adding the list should be in that blog's design tab.

Doug Millison

I'll keep trying to make it work.
What I want to do shouldn't be difficult.
I want to put an image in the sidebar with a caption and a link to another web site.

hewn & hammered

i can't even make a new help ticket any longer... just times out :(

i think i'm getting closer and closer to giving up on typepad after all this time and all this work. i just can't take the stress of it not working any more.


Hi JLT - I've sent your comment over to support to see what we can find out for you. I apologize that you're having issues - if you switch back to the old application, can you not log in there, either?

Ted Slater

I've been getting into developing our site to be mobile/handheld-friendly. Other platforms seem to accommodate this through CSS or separate pages that render existing content in a mobile-friendly way.

Any chance TypePad will provide any tools to make our sites/blogs more mobile-friendly?

Valeria Maltoni

Ginevra, I have several tickets in only for this one. People have to jump through hoops just to comment on my blog. That's not acceptable. They should be able to just put in name and email, URL if they have one, and be done with it.

The other piece, which I already asked about, is the ability to integrate Twitter reactions and FriendFeed comments to my posts from TypePad. I get lots of activity in those networks and WP and Disqus allow integration... This is the reality of the conversation, we're not going to get far by restricting.

Susan @ Raisin Toast

I've been using the new TypePad in beta for weeks now and I love it. Very nice! Keep up the great work Six Apart!

artsy Amy

My issue is purely aesthetic; please offer the option to upload background images {i.e. patterned wallpaper} without upgrading to Pro. I'm a Typepad Plus member. My Blogger & Wordpress friends have cuter design options which is irritating considering what they pay monthly ...$0.00. Surely backgrounds can be done without switching to Advanced Templates or CSS.

And I second the addition of words to the dictionary. Have y'all realized that "Typepad" isn't even in the dictionary?

Kevin Taylor

The thumbnail looks great. Hope it allows for beautiful blog designs and a templating system where independent designers can easily create Typepad designs.


What about simply being able to customize the background - I'd like to add an image but currently you need custom coding for that. Seems like it should be an easy feature and as a designer it's kind of essential for me.


Thank you! Maybe all Amy's think alike. This is essential to me and beyond frustrating as I'm in the same boat - you'd think Plus would be enough. I hope we hear some good news about this . . .


Hi Amy and Amy - the spellchecker on my TypePad compose window recognizes TypePad, but Firefox doesn't. Are you seeing the word underlined in red, or when you're composing, does the spellcheck button in the posting window mark it as mispelled in yellow? If it's the latter, let's definitely have you open up a support ticket cos that'd be a bug.

Thanks for letting us know you'd like to have a way to add a background image on the Plus level. I'm happy to upgrade yall to Pro for a few months if you'd like to check it out to see what you think of that feature and more.

Here's a link to the support article about custom CSS:

Thanks again for your feedback!


hooray - thanks Susan!


exactly! Creating beautiful blogs designs easily is definitely something we're working on. You won't see a change in the design process just yet, we're working really hard on this piece to make sure we get it right. Everyone's feedback really helps!

artsy Amy

Red squiggly line; it was a Firefox issue. Sorry about that. {blush}

I'd like to try out the Pro and feel sure my new friend Amy would like the same. Pretty please figure out a way for us to tile an image as background (at least) on the Pro level! I understand why custom CSS is needed, but we are craving some flair. Thank you very much Ginevra.



Tell me that the NEW typepad will host Flash Animations, in both the posts and banners!!!!

PLEASE tell me this web standard tool can finally be used on TYPEPAD.



No worries! I put you both on the Preview for the new TypePad, and also am working out how best to upgrade yall to Pro for a trial.

Account Deleted

And if you do add "Flash Animations," let them be OPTIONAL.

Flash doesn't work on most handheld/mobile devices, is slow, and is rapidly going out of style among web developers. There's usually a better alternative than Flash (javascript, animated GIFs, CSS-P, etc.).

Account Deleted

Looks great!


OK we could go round and round on this. Mobile vs laptop vs desktop, wifi vs cable vs telephone line connections. Flash going out of style, I don't think so, one of the largest downloads on the web today is flash player, that is just a fact!!!

If you don't want it that is OK but don't deny it to the rest of us who can and would put it to fantastic use.

If you agree that it is going out of style (which it is not) then it follows that, in your mind, flash was in style. This being the case then you would also have to admit that Typepad is VERY behind the times if flash has come and gone and Typepad has not yet incorporated it into their programing.

Having Motte Brown's agreement on the above point can we now move forward and introduce a platform that allows Flash Animation Across the Board! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Account Deleted

wilfros -- settle down, please. I simply requested that if this feature is added that it be "optional." I am not petitioning that anyone be denied a feature that they'd like to see.

At one time, the "blink" tag was "in style." That doesn't mean it was a good idea. Just saying.

FWIW, I believe you can include Flash elements right now on TypePad, either their TypePad Pro account and advanced templates. Might even be able to do is in a regular account and regular templates, I think....


you can use flash elements in TypePad today, it's true, in posts at every level. You can include flash elements in your templates, too (like in the banner) with a Pro account on advanced templates.

Thanks for all the feedback, everyone!

Comme un Homme

Hâte de voir ça !


Please, please let the new features also include an option for uploading and inserting multiple photos at the same time. Would save me so much time while preparing posts!!


- Easier commenting = yes please
- Would be good to sort out the "about me" page once and for all. Even in advanced templates, always found that counter-intuitive and clunky.
- I would also love to see some more semi-customisable templates on the Pro level. Designing a custom template was such a pain in the butt (for someone who is only a hobbyist CSS/HTML person rather than a pro) that I've been holding on to the same designs longer than I'd like because I can't face doing them over. Semi-custom features could include: background and header images, some CSS style options for fonts, colours and presentation styles and an easy way to re-position some of the page elements within their categories (sidebars etc). I know some of these options are already available, but it would be good to just take it to the next level.

Otherwise, sounds good, can't wait to see what it's like in action!

Andrew Ballenthin

I hope the changes simply bring TypePad up to speed with the majority of the bookmarking, retweet, and design flexibilities of WordPress and beyond.

I have 10 bloggers joining my blog writing on social media and marketing who have signed up as strategic partners to promote it. One of their biggest gripes, and mine, is that lack of flexibility for keeping up with widgets and they keep asking when I can migrate platforms to WordPress and I'm asking myself the same question.

Plus, as a marketing consultant, I'm now selling integrated social media strategy and communication implementation. Because of the lack of design flexibility with TypePad, I'm having to outsource the work to WordPress designers. Branding and fit with a client's current website are a must and TypePad is like trying to move an elephant. It's not a platform I can resell or recommend to others if they want to be on the cutting edge of social media growth and business leadership.

The bottom line, if there are some huge wins with the new release I have 10 bloggers that will be impressed and potentially your evangilist PLUS, you'll have more income as I re-sell your package to my clients that are willing to pay for it and I won't have to migrate in the next few months to Wordpress, I'll remain loyal to TypePad.


I'd love to understand more about what you need from the new TypePad - there's lots we're still working on, especially with regards to small business. Would you like to set a call up with us to dive into more detail?

Raymond Hackney

I got an email today that said invite to new typepad. I clicked the link and it took me right to sign in page, signed in nothing new.


hey Raymond - if you check now, you should see the "Preview" button for the new TypePad! :)

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