Expand Your Small Business Brand to Achieve Global Reach
July 8 - TypePad Basics


Jiles Halling

Will this webinar be recorded for later viewing?
I'm not free to attend live webinar but interested in the subject

Jiles Halling


Yup - it takes me a few days to get the video prepped and online - but yup! If you go ahead and register youll be on the notification list for when the video is up.

Michael Woffenden

Suggest that someone fix the first bullet which reads "Wednesday July 15 @ 11am PST · 1pm EST"

(I think it was supposed to read "11am PST · 2pm EST")


Fixed - thanks!

Denise Wakeman

Thanks for the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for business blogging with the TypePad community. On the call I mentioned a free program on how to get quality traffic for your blog. You can get it here: http://www.qualityblogtraffic.com

Blog on!

Claire Alcock

Denise,thank you very much for such an informative session. We have had excellent feedback from the survey.

Larry A.

So the blog becomes, in effect, a force multiplier in your e-marketing campaign if launched and operated successfully. This is really good information.

How would you suggest we implement a blog for a margarita machine rental business like ours? Would it make more sense to use comments or polls to engage our clientelle?

Here is a link to our website to give you a better idea of what our business does.


Thanks in advance!

Sheri Gaynor

This is a fantastic seminar. Denise is a wealth of information and she gives you an amazing amount of usable-NOW-information to boost your blog presence which I have already put into action.

Thanks for hosting these SixApart!

Sheri Gaynor

This is a great seminar. Denise is a deep well of information that is useable...NOW! If you're looking for ways to boost your blog presence, listen in.

I am going to take some action right now!

Thanks to SixApart for hosting these!

Sheri Gaynor

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