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Show Related Posts with the LinkWithin Widget

I'm totally digging the LinkWithin widget that points readers to related posts for each entry. Here's a video:

Text instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the form in the lower right and click Get Widget. A page of instructions displays.
  3. Click on Install Widget. Youu'll then be sent into TypePad to choose the blog you want to add the widget to.
  4. Check the blog you want to add the widget to and click Add Widget.
  5. Within an hour, LinkWithin will have indexed and your blog and started adding suggested reading for each post.



I installed LinkWithin Widget a few weeks ago and love it! I've noticed a real jump in my page views since I started using it.


Yeah - and I love that it pulls in images from the posts - it trains me to add juicy images more often.Andy

Christopher Ming Ryan

I've been using it since it became available. I always love to see in my Stats if a page got viewed because of LinkWithin. It means that people are digging the content enough to poke around.

This is the type of innovative app that we need more of! Great stuff.

Now how about a "Tweet Me" button?


David A. Porter

I have been using LinkWithin for quite some time. I am very pleased with it.

I have over 600 posts, each with beautiful photography/graphics, and they tend to draw some clicks and keep people around longer.

Great product. Every blog should install it right now.


I just added this application and I foresee a much more engaging experience for my readers. Thanks so much TypePad... you guys are THE BEST!!

Karin at Tennis IDENTITY

I put this in when it first came out but have since taken it out. I didn't like how it pulled up posts that were very out of date -- related yes but old. I gave that feedback to the developers but never heard back. Has this been addressed? I'd like to see them not going back farther than two months or allowing users to set a limit themselves. For some blogs it may not matter.

Account Deleted

Had a like wise experience. Added the widget to three of my blogs. On two of them it kept referring to post of an older version of one of my E-trainings. When I removed old posts they still kept being referred to!
Removed widget from two blogs, emailed this issue to developers, never heard back.

On the blog it is still on it is absolutely keeping visitors on our FAQ & News site about wooden flooring.

Just wish the developers would reply to my question if the index of my two other blogs will be renewed when I add the widget again (It didn't straight after I removed it, haven't tried since).
Silence is not good!

Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)


I installed it straight from the beginning and it is definitely a great widget. Visitors stay longer on my weblog, jumping from one log into another by clicking on the LinkWithin suggestions.


I just installed it thinking it was a great idea. Some of my posts are quite wide ranging so I was prepared for some surprises in what it linked to, but at the moment its ideas of what are related are really bizarre. I hope it gets better with time, otherwise it might only be useful with a line saying here are some random posts on my blog.

Surely it should be using the tags I put in to decide what is related.


Wow it already got much better. But it really pays to put even one image in each post. Looking forward to more page views.


I talked to them about this - it was happening to me too. For me, Id given LinkWithin my blog URL without the WWW when all the address on the blog use the WWW. Be sure to email them if you have trouble support [at] linkwithin [dot] com.

Account Deleted

One of the blogs in questions doesn't have a www, it's a subdomain. I'll try again today.

And as for emailing the problem I had before, I did use that email address to no avail. LinkWithin is a great feature but their customer service could be better IMHO

(Having loads of trouble making this reply, typepad connect or this blog is playing up somehow. Took me four trials to even get the comment box in the reply mode)

Karin H

Update: just installed the LinkWithin widget again to the subdomain blog (the one without the www). Is still used the 'old index' I think and still refers to the removed posts. So I deleted the widget again and will email them again. Hope to receive an answer this time.


Thanks for sharing this, related links is something I wanted and the thumbnails are brilliant!

Account Deleted

Just installed the widget and already love it! What a great tool. A big thanks to Typepad and Andy for this great gadget. Looking forward to an abundant flow of new and repeat visitors.


I signed up with linkwithin a while a go and absolutely loved it, however, it started to cause an Operation abot error with my blog and it took a long time for anyone to identify it as a problem. I would like to try it again ... but I am a little cautious - any suggestions?


Have you emailed the support team at LinkWithin? Their address is support [at] linkwithin [dot] com.


Hi Andy! Yes I did and they never replied. This was quite disapointing as as I said I wanted to fix the issue as I loved the widget. My step son found the error which from memory was a problem with an appended child script. I have since seen a few blogs experiencing the operation abort error

Account Deleted

LinkWithin has definite problems with replying to enquiries. So far emailed them twice about the same issue - never ever a reply! Not what I call 'support'.

Lets hope they are reading these comments too and start either replying here or to our emails

Karin H.

Account Deleted

Tried it yesterday. Two bugs:

1) The related articles continue to be random.

2) I had registered our webzine and our blog, and the LinkWithin Widget cannot seem to keep them separate. Though I have the "related webzine articles" code correctly placed in our blog, the widget continues to pull article titles from both our webzine and our blog, sometimes with images and sometimes without.

At this point, their widget is far too buggy to use in our blog, and so I had to uninstall it. Maybe in the future, when they fix their buggy code....

Tina Tessina

I installed the LinkWithin Widget, and at first it pulled all the same articles, but now it seems to have sorted itself out, and has made great choices -- but the pictures (which were my book covers, so I liked them) are gone. How can I get pictures back.

By the way, I think you're a genius, and I wouldn't be a blogger at all without you.


I dont know why the images wouldnt be shown. Email their support people at support [at] linkwithin [dot] com.

Account Deleted

What a great tutorial! Succinct, clear, and oh so useful. Thanks :o)

Kevin Davis

This is a terrific widget. Added it yesterday and am very happy with it.

One request: it would be nice if there were an option in the compose editor to exempt certain pages/posts from having the widget active. It shows up on my About and Advertise pages, for instance, and I'd like to be able to opt out of it on my daily news aggregation posts (just like I can choose not to broadcast those on Twitter.)


Peter Jefferiss

does anyone know how to implement these using advanced templates so it actually appears below each post and not just at the bottom of the page? it seems that no matter where i place the script it always appears at the bottom. i want it to appear right below the copy in the main body of each post.


Did you email support [at] They might be able to assist.

johnashley Widgets is awesome.
I use them for about a year, I have since seen a few blogs experiencing the operation. I have since seen a few blogs using and everyone likes.

Mr.John Asley watch movies

Account Deleted

It doesn't work at all for me. Is this a problem I should ask the or TypePad?

Account Deleted

And what I meant by "the" was THEM

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