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Announcing the Week Three Winner of the "Green by Design" Contest

Before we announce this week's winner, we wanted to take a moment to remind you that when the Green Badges receive one million impressions across the blogosphere, Six Apart will give $1000 to The Climate Project.

Green Badges 2

Add a Green Badge to your blog today to help us reach our goal!

There are still a few days to enter the contest! Get all the details about how to do so here.

And now... drumroll please...

The Week Three Winner is:

Kitty Bullard

Turtle Badge 

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Week Three Runner-Up:

Joe Cheray

Congratulations Kitty and Joe!


Account Deleted

I think it would be great if you at least offered, for example, a few free months of Typepad service for the winner(s). I realize that design is not dentistry, but if I offered my dentist or plumber or mechanic what you are offering designers, they would laugh me out of their offices. The software, education, etc isn't free. I did enter, but I was very surprised that you didn't offer more of a prize. Just my two cents, but I am sure many designers would agree.

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