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Favorite Blogs: One Dollar For George

George Lighten Up Bikes' motto is "biking is fun. fun is good." which I totally agree with. The latest cool project they're doing is helping George, an Atlanta local who collects cans to supplement his social security income, to get a bike made specifically for that purpose. George is a 62 year old Vietnam vet, and in the words of the blog:

George-Mundo "This is George. George lives in SW Atlanta. He collects cans by the roadside and hauls his load on this bicycle. Last night, I received an email from my friend Ken that simply said "we gotta get George a Mundo". To which I replied, "Who the hell is George?". To which Ken replied, "dude george the guy who hauls all the cans on his bike up and down murphy". One dollar for George was born."

They're not telling George that they're raising money for his new bike - they're just hoping to get him one, one dollar at a time - and it takes about 100 cans to get $1. Do you have a dollar for George's new bike?

Visit One Dollar for George.



Can't wait to hear how this turns out, $1 from New Zealand


whoohoo! thanks, Robin!

Great! Thanks RobiNZ! Thanks Ginevra too! This is a big help!

Alexandria, Professional Bagpiper AFM Local 349

He sounds just amazing! We should always help vets. He did an outstanding service for our country. I'm telling my military friends about his cause.

honorguardbugler: Sound the horn!

Seriously, I agree. Anyone who fights for our country deserves dignity and respect.

Brian Collinson

$1.00 from Canada. Anybody who is 62 years old and works as hard as it sounds like George does, deserves respect!

Thanks Brian!

He's got my dollar... and I'm sending this to my brother who is a Patriot Guard Ride Captain currently escorting a Unit Flag to a fallen soldier (from Atlanta to Philadelphia) over Labor Day weekend.


thanks so much, Mary! and props to your brother - that's awesome that he's doing Patriot Guard duty.


my dad was a Nam Vet so good on you George. I'm going to tell my friends about George

Account Deleted

thanks so much.

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