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Question of The Day comes to TypePad

We’ve been hard at work on features for TypePad that help you and your blog connect to your community. We’re adding in a favorite community feature from our sister service Vox: Question of the Day, making you (and your creativity) a feature in TypePad.

Screenshot QotD is one of the most fun aspects of blogging on Vox. It creates an innovative, interesting connection from you and your blog to your readers. As we're launching it today, it's exactly the same feature you see on Vox. However, we want your input to make this a feature you love in TypePad, too – so let us know what you think would make it even better in TypePad. Currently, you can see QotD answers from your fellow bloggers on, increase your blog's traffic, and discover new ways to spark your creativity.

I’ve liked QotD the most when I need to break out of writer's block. Through exploring and answering Question(s) of the Day on Vox, I've found tons of good new books to read, laughed at stories from complete strangers, and learned things about my friends that I never would have otherwise. As one Voxer puts it: "I get excited by the chance to be more creative, to tell a new story."

Just as in Vox, QotD's in TypePad are suggested by everyone: you, me, our editorial team, and by some of our favorite bloggers around the web. The questions range from current events, to thought-provoking, to just plain silly.

If you’re familiar with Vox already, you might know that occasionally there are sponsored QotDs, always with a clear "sponsored by" message.  Our editorial team writes these questions so that they’re relevant to you and your blog. Want to know more about how QotD's are submitted, chosen, and promoted? Here's the FAQ.

We're trying lots of new ways to build your blogging community as part of the vision for where we see blogging going. We want you to tell us: how would you like the QotD to work with your TypePad blog? How would you design the Question of the Day? What's a question you'd ask?


David Jacobs

I love, and I am looking forward to enjoying this new feature.

Jeryn Carlisi

How do we add this to our blog? Is it under widgets?


QOTDs are awesome. I use them on Vox whenever I have writer's block. What's even better now that it's on TypePad is the ability to drive traffic to your blog from :)


so far my favorite one was a question about what makes you feel road rage. the answers made my day :)


the QotD should be on your dashboard when you log in, but if you're previewing the new design, you won't see it just yet. (although the QotD are also available from your profile, it won't yet automagically post to your blog.)

The Pet Blog Lady

Very cool! I'm still learning about the whole blogging world. My mission is to encourage people to celebrate their pets through the Heritage Makers publishing/digital scrapbooking system. Power to the Pets!

The Pet Blog Lady

I'm trying to find the QOTD widget in the Typepad options to add to my blog and I can't locate it. Is it under another name?


you should see it right on your dashboard:

Let me know if you don't see it for some reason?

Take Root Publishing

This is something that does not work with Typepad Pro with a lot of writers???? I also cant add my blog to from my dashboard. I do not have that code it says to look for in my Archive Template.... wondering if that is due to having so many writers????

Poo, I feel like our blog is missing out on so much being a site with a lot of writers.


I think that there's something with guest authors and default blogs - we didn't want to just slap it up every which way, but there's also always the question prompts on, too, if you're looking for inspiration!

Quing Obillos

QotD is a very useful element to bloggers. It keeps the blog alive and challenges the creativity and wit of the bloggers. :) Nice job!

Jeryn Carlisi

Do you know when this will be available for beta users using the new design?

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