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This Week's Update: Blog Footers, bug fixes, and more

Hi everyone - this week was a really great one, with the release of some cool new features, as well as some TypePad Connect and other commenting fixes that we've been working hard on. 

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My new favorite is the blog footer: you can add a blog footer quickly and easily now to any standard template blog! This is awesome for so many reasons - giving you more options for navigating through your blog, and more creative options for customizing your blog without using advanced templates or CSS. 

Other highlights include....

  • In your manage “Other Accounts” section, Facebook is now the default, rather than 43 Things. We love 43 Things, too, but you told us it made more sense to have the default be Facebook, so that you can share your blog posts with your network more easily.
  • Guest/Junior Author’s email addresses are now displayed in the Authors page, making management for bigger blogs easier.
  • Improvements to billing administration, making it easier for both you and us to resolve any billing questions.

TypePad Connect:

  • Comments now show HTML - thanks to everyone who participated in our Get Satisfaction forum about how to get this sorted out.
  • Comment counts are now fixed (no longer including deleted or unpublished comments in the total number of comments appearing on a post) 

Previewing the new TypePad:

We fixed a lot of small but important issues that were taking place on the preview of the new design, including some billing fixes, compose issues, and copy updates to help make some actions and activiies more clear. The biggest hurdle we're working on there is still stats - stay tuned for more updates on the Beta blog.

Thanks again for all your feedback - we're looking forward to another great week.



The blog footer looks great! How do we add it? I poked around in the Design section of my TypePad account, but didn't see it. I must be missing something. Thank you!


Sorry, guys, but to me it looks a bit confusing. First question: what is the difference between a 'page footer' and a 'blog footer'? Second question: in the page footer section you only seem to be able to add the 'Digg this' and 'save to' component. How do you add just text? Question 3: how do you add text in the blog footer section? Do you have to be a HTML specialist? I hoped it became user-friendly now... Thanks for feedback!


Just installed the blog footer on two blogs -- it took less than a minute, and works beautifully. I used code in the Advanced footer. Thanks for this feature.

Account Deleted

This is exactly what I wanted: simple, crisp, neat and soooo useful! Bravo.


you're so welcome - I'm glad it all worked well for you.


it's really cool, isn't it?


the "blog footer" will be ubiquitous throughout your blog - archive pages, individual entry pages, et cetera. that's the one you're looking for! :) Click the pencil icon to edit your choices. I've put a better screenshot in this post now showing how to edit this.


Ok, I got your point :-) Thanks! Besides, I used the 'advanced' section to make a blog footer with just...text! And it works fine. So happy with my new footer!


Are there any plans to improve the editing/compose options of the Comments feature, such as ability to change colors and fonts, and especially the ability to spell-check?

Thank you.


I'll check in on those and see what we can do!


Michele - are you on the new TypePad design? It's a bit different there. :) I've posted a new screenshot to this post to better illustrate where to find the footer, but let me know if you need some more help.

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