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This week's Update - Themes, Fixes, and the New TypePad

We've been really busy the past few weeks, so here's a wrap-up of some of the work we've done, plus an update on yesterday's release.

Question of the Day is now in TypePad! One of your favorite features from our sister service, Vox, is now on your TypePad dashboard. You can post from the QotD module in TypePad, straight to your blog. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot - and we want your input to make this a feature you love in TypePad, too – so let us know what you think would make it even better.

We had a slew of great new themes for your blog from our friends in the Toyko office.Thanks to everyone for your feedback on those, like widening the main column layout.

We announced the opening of our small business center, which can help your business get a professional, effective web presence built while still being mindful of cost.

Fixes and features for Guest authors:

  • guest author billing should be sorted out now - there was a temporary bug asking guest authors for credit card information. This is fixed now.
  • Loads and loads of admin flow fixes that our Pro, Premium and Business Class bloggers have been asking for forever. This may have changed the way some guest authors schedule draft posts, so we're working on a way to more easily manage and publish draft posts.

Fixes and features for TypePad Connect and people previewing the new TypePad:

  • If you're previewing the new design, you can now edit comments! Thanks to everyone on our Get Satisfaction forums who let us know this was important.
  • The number of comments shown at the bottom of each post now will tally with the actual number of comments.
  • Editing a comment no longer shows the email address of the commenter.
  • Managing comments in the new TypePad is easier now - thanks to your feedback, we're working on how the flow works - for instance, if I'm on page 2 of comments, and delete one, now, I stay on page 2, rather than being taken back to page 1.
  • "View comment" opens in a new window.
  • along with a ton of other comment moderation improvements.

We fixed a lot of individual customers' issues, too. If you still need help, just let us know by opening up a trouble ticket with our support team.

What we're really excited about is getting things ready around here for more people being able to preview the new TypePad. There's more to come soon!


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