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Widgets: add the Etsy mini-widget to your sidebar

Picture 1We love guest stars here on Everything TypePad, especially when they're telling us how to do more cool stuff with our blogs. Here's a guest post on how to add the Etsy mini-widget to your blog, from one of our favorite bloggers, Sara, who blogs at All Things Girls Can TellWhat I Did With My Summer Vegetables. Take it away, Sara! 

Do you have a Typepad blog, love and want to include an Etsy mini widget (or three) in your sidebar?

1. Once you have the java script all cut and copied from your Etsy account for your Etsy mini (you can find it under "Promote" when you're logged in, under "Your Etsy"), go to Typelists in your Typepad behind-the-scenes screen (your dashboard when you're logged in). Click "create a new Typelist".
2. Choose "link" as the type of list you'd like to create.
3. Name your fancy new list (I call mine "currently at Etsy", but by all means, be more creative than that).
4. Now choose which page you'd like to display it on - your blog page, your about page, etc.  
5. Click on this new Typelist, and paste the javascript code you grabbed from Etsy into "link title" and then save it. (Leave the other fields blank).
6. Once that's accepted, you need to click to "edit your current design" (in the "Weblogs" tab).
7. First click "select content" to add it to your sidebar content.
8. Then click "order content" to arrange your sidebar items as you wish (most likely prominently displaying your fabulous Etsy Mini). It's all pretty drag and droppy, so have fun with it.

Once that's all done, you need to republish for it to appear. You can see how it looks all pretty and finished right here on my little blog. Rock it!


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Thank you! This was super helpful and now I have a mini : )

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