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Ask Miz Ginevra

This is a new feature we introduced in this month's TypePad newsletter - in which your intrepid community manager answers your most pressing TypePad questions.

How do I add a banner image to my blog? - question submitted by Meighan of My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses.

Meighan Meighan likes to have different banners for her blog, submitted by her creative guest artists, and she asked us about how to best make this happen easily in the new TypePad over in our Get Satisfaction forums.

There's a couple of cool ways to do this, and I won't dig too far into technical whizbang details, because we've got a super-slick updated knowledge base. Of course, you can always open a help ticket with your TypePad One support team, too - we're always here to help.

If you've got a plus account or higher, you can use the theme builder to help you along in this process, without having to muck around in the code.

Before we get there, though, you may want to start out by making your custom banner first. I've used Picnik for loads of photo editing. You can also check out our guidelines on sizes and some more details about best practices for your blog layout.

Want to make some adjustments to your banner easily without going into advanced templates? Just check out the highlights from Professor Wibbels' class on how to make sure your banner is fitting the way you like with just a few lines of custom CSS. (If I can do it, anyone can!) Pressed for time? Want someone else to help you build a new banner? Our experts are here to help, too.

Have a favorite banner you want to let us know about, or a blog designer you love working with? Please let us know in the comments.



Now I have even more info to help me! Thank you Ginevra!


Does TP have a general tutorial?


Ginevra rocks. TOTALLY. She's the best thing TypePad has going for it on many a days!

Bill Rohde

Hi Ginevra -

"My" Blog is actually "Our" Blog, a joint blog I maintain with my wife. How can we change the "About Me" heading to say "About Us"? I submitted a question on this some time ago but never received a response.

btw - we get all kinds of positive comments on our TypePad blog ... IMHO the most professional looking blog hosting site around.


David Kamatoy

Hey Miz,

Nice. I have a show that we are livestreaming on for 4-7 pst and then podcasting. We are covering Internetmarketing and I am a big fan, affiliate of typepad.

It would be great to have you on the show to talk technicals. Let me know.


Hi Bill. Using a Links TypeList, instead of the default About module, you can customize the link to your About page to read as "About Us".

Or you could add the About link to the Navigational Bar for your blog. At Design > Content, click the yellow, pencil icon next to the Navigational Bar: Then, you can add a link to your About Page with the About Us text to the header of your blog. For example:


Comments like yours totally make my day! I love living vicariously back in my hometown through your blog.

(and I know we'll get your help ticket fixed up soon - hang in there, mama!)


you're totes welcome. <333333


Hiya - sure do, we've got lots of stuff available here on Everything TypePad as resources, but you may want to start with our Tips and Tricks category:

or by listening to the archives of some of our tutorial teleseminars (they're free!):

and of course, our support team is always here if you've got questions. Just click "help" in the top right hand corner, and you can open up a ticket to get first-class support on your burning TypePad questions.

The Cafe Ninja

I can't figure out how to switch to the new typepad - are there any instructions anywhere?????

Stephanie, Principal Paper Addict

Hi! I'd love to add a "messageboard" widget to my blog BUT -- I haven't found one yet on 6-apart or widgetbox that is honestly a real forum or messageboard. Help?? I want it to look professional, not cheesy. I want users to be able to write-in & tell my community about hot, recent "deals" they have spotted around town. Any advice? Thanks!


check your dashboard now! :)

Account Deleted

this is so great ^^ i am now hiring my friend to make me a cool banner for my blog. ^^ now installing it has been so easy ^^.

To: Ginevra, i just wanna ask if the new typepad is no longer beta? i mean, i wanna know if all the issues about the new typepad has been resolved already and is up and running smoothly? ^^ i like the SEO of the new typepad and i really wanna switch to it already but for now, ill still stick to the old typepad until all issues with the new typepad has been resolve already ^^.
More power to you guys.

Wife of Rob

Dear Ginevra,

I am having a problem understanding how to use a customized font other than the predefined fonts in the theme builder. Do you have any suggestions? I couldn't come up with anything searching in the knowledge base. If there is something there that I have missed, please point me in the right direction. Thanks so much for your time!

Nameles Wonderer

I am a beginner in this type pad and a little intimidated by the whole technosphere/noosphere convergence and seeking professional assistance in designing effective actions as a professional blogger and social entrepreneur. Its great to follow u even if I don't understand URL and Web 2>&^$#&(#$$^&(*(&$#@#@!^*_)_^$$##@@ I am a cowboy just coming in off the range, its a little to much for me> I like listening to the wind, seeing the moon and sleeping under stars in the open with a small fire. U seem like a person I could relate to. Thanks!

Account Deleted

Dear Ginevra, I come to you for the second time, after the problem I had the first time has been solved.
I started my blog on the first week of November 2008. I opened the ticket n.UUCJ on 11/14/2008: the browser did not remember previous authentication, so everyone has to repeat it on every new session. Very much annoying.
The first ticket was marked as solved and closed by the staff for error. So I opened a new ticket on 01/21/2009 n.43CPW4Q577RE. Till now the problem is always present! Sometimes I send a new claim, sometimes Italian staff or American staff (like Frederic or JK) send me a promise like "next Thursday the problem should be solved".
After almost one year I'm still in the same condition I think that other members of TypePad community may have the same problem. Can you help me? Thank you so much!
Romano Cicognani



Account Deleted

hello there ^^ thanks for the note. i guess other than that, there is no other way to customize fonts unless if you switch to advance templates. But switching to advance template is more complicated because you will have to code everything. HTML, javascript, CSS. If you know hmtl coding then its all fine ^^.

My suggestion is that, just look for themes in the theme gallery, you might find a theme there with a nice font that you might like ^^. i hope this helps ^^

Account Deleted

hello miss Ginevra. Good day, I just wanna ask you something. when i arrived at today, i saw that you are already promoting the all new typepad. i got curious and interested to switch now. however, i just wanna ask if the new typepad is no longer beta?
and if all the problem issues have been resolved already?

Im so excited to switch and try the new features specially the SEO feature ^^. thanks guys! you rock!


Hi, I'm a new blogger. my url address is How can I change it to Thank you...


Where can I find the control panel and help tickets on the new Typepad?

Account Deleted

hello there Defne ^^ thanks for the note, you can do that if you have a domain name and also if you're typepad account is plus and above. You can buy a domain name
in this site ^^ i hope this helps ^^. if you have more questions, just feel free to ask ^^.

Before we can proceed on tutorial you must have first a domain name :)


You'll find most of the Control Panel-type settings now under Account. For past help tickets go to Help > Past Tickets.


Hi Andy,
Thanks for the reply. It was most helpful. Indeed, I found the support
tickets under Account as well as the past tickets.


Has anyone ever had to deal with the problem of well-meaning blog readers posting comments to your blog, but posting them in error under the wrong topic thread?

This happens on one of my blogs now and then.

Since we already have some control over comments, such as the ability to edit them, delete them, or block offensive posters, shouldn't it be a rather simple "fix" to allow blog owners to simply move selected comments to different topics? Perhaps this could be done with a simple button/option that reads "re-post this comment to a different post," after which we could delete the comment from the inappropriate thread.

Can this be done? I've never had any of my suggestions accepted, mainly dealing with the absence of formatting options for comments, but maybe THIS one will have some legs. -- Thank you.


Hi Samjien, thank you for the directions. problem solved.
I have an other quetion. How can I change the titles "categories", "about", vs on the page?



Great meeting you at BlogHer! Your advice is responsible for my NOT migrating to WordPress.

However, Domain Mapping has me in a twist. I tried emailing you, but I'm not sure it got through. I used Joker as my registrar, and I'm unclear on how to set the CNAME. The Knowledge Base didn't address my issue--can you help? Thanks!


Account Deleted

Hi, I have followed the insructions to make a banner etc. I have the banner and it loads with a frame which I don't really want and I can't work out how to get writing ie blog name on top of the banner. Thank you for this column. I am finding it easier to follow - I am not an expert blogger or computerite.

Account Deleted

Hello Trisha good day to you. Check this tutorial on how to remove frames or margins from your banner.

Please also check this link for a tutorial on how to add anything on the top of the banner.

Note that these are all typepad tutorials so you are assured its all correct ^^ if you need more help you can feel free to contact me :)

Account Deleted

I've asked for this before - with little response - but I'm going to give it another go.
I'm a teacher using typepad for our school website, ( and we're currently in the process of setting up pupils with their own blog to use as a learning space (example:
This is a novel approach being watched closely by other schools and authorities to see how successful it is.
Although we only have 170 pupils, setting up each blog for a particular pupil to post into is a long winded and time consuming task (set up blog / send invite / log into google edu apps / set up pupil typepad account / accept invite). As you can imagine it is going to take all summer to set all pupils up.
Is it not possible to use a spreadsheet / .csv file of blog URL / Author Name / email address / password to speed up the process? There must be some sort of bulk creation tools available for such a well known product as Typepad, surely?

I've got several schools looking to see how our experiment with pupil blogs goes, and I'd have to be honest and say to them at the moment that it's too much of a hassle for them to set up a similar system.

Account Deleted

Thank you very much. I will print these off and try again. Trisha

Account Deleted

Hello Defne ^^ good day to you, nice to hear that your problem has been solved already ^^. You can add a category or edit it by going to Weblogs>Design> and then click "manage". After you have done that, you can see on your right sidebar a function that says "Add or Edit Categories". click on it and then you can add or edit categories the way you wanted:)

You can also create an about page by creating a new page
and then after you have created it. copy the link of that page and then go to your Weblogs>Design>Content and then you can see there a function "Navigation bar"
check the box and then click the pencil icon, you will then see 10 boxes. on the left side is the title which in this case would be "About" and then paste the url on the right. And then that's it :) i hope this helps ^^
take care and goodluck.

Account Deleted

You're welcome Trisha :) Goodluck and more power to you:)

Account Deleted

your so nice.tnx

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