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Blog Tune-Up Service: Taking your small business blog to the next level

Recently, Craig Bowman of Common Ground Consulting purchased a Blog Tune-Up Service from TypePad One. He was very pleased with the results and wrote up a great review.

Craig said:

Craig-etpost "Common Ground Consulting is a boutique development firm that works around the world supporting social profit organizations and people who are committed to social justice. We've been blogging on TypePad for years-sharing resources and strategies, connecting people, and telling powerful stories of change. We've also posted a lot of pictures of the foods we've been eating along the way!

"This summer, with the help of TypePad's Tune-Up service, our blog has a new look and feel; and a lot of new followers.

"TypePad's knowledgeable technical advisors provided suggestions specifically tailored to improving our site's accessibility and appeal. After a thorough assessment (including a review of our corporate website at:, they made detailed recommendations about ways to improve a reader's experience on our blog. With our approval, they quickly implemented more than a dozen changes; and even designed a custom banner using an image we provided.

"Throughout each step of the process they provided frequent status updates and made us feel as though ours was the most important blog on the web. Thanks TypePad."

Let TypePad One help your small business today! Don't have a small business? Our services are available to every TypePad member.



"After a thorough assessment (including a review of our corporate website at:"

If that’s an example of their work I’ll definitely pass. It looks a mess in Firefox – words written over other words and into the next column. What a mess. Jeez – test it on something other than IE.


Hi Skeptico,

Actually, we did the Tune-Up Service for the TypePad blog at - we just studied the corporate website in order to incorporate Common Ground Consulting's branding as mentioned in the parenthetical remark.

Both the blog and the corporate website display as expected for me in Firefox. Are you still seeing this issue?



OK, thanks for clearing that up. Here's the bad section:

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