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Building your small business brand: free webinar

One of the things small businesses (and anyone looking for work or to build brand recognition ) struggle with is branding and more importantly, the role of their personality in their brand. It's one thing to set up your company, decide on your product line, website, and marketing but it's another entirely to work out how your business is different to the next small business who is selling roughly the same thing. Often, the answer is, You.

Small businesses have the natural advantage of being able to build their personality into their customer's experiences. That personality is unique and a great point of distinction in cluttered marketplaces. Consumers are also increasingly looking to do business with someone they can trust and find a connection with. So how do you make sure that your brand is reflecting your personality well and how can you communicate that brand to a wide audience?

Learn from the experts

Cue Kirsten Dixson, personal branding guru, consultant and author of Career Distinction: standing out by building your business brand. Kirsten not only helps individuals and  businesses define their "authentic" brand but also helps them communicate it effectively.

Join our free branding webinar

We are excited to announce that Kirsten is joining us in the TypePad Small Business Center tomorrow (Wednesday 29 July) at 11am PST to talk to us about personal branding at a webinar that is open and free to any one who wants to join.

Get a free branding consultation

Even more exciting is that Kirsten will be offering two "360 Reach Premium" branding consultations completely free to two lucky people who join the call.  "360 Reach" is the first and leading web-based personal brand assessment that helps you get the real story about how you are perceived by those around you. Get the critical feedback you need to expand your  business' success.

So if you have questions about your About me page, or your Facebook profile please join. If you have a friend who is not making the most of their naturally effervescent personality as part of their business offering, get them along for what will be a truly enlightening session.

Go to the TypePad Small Business Center for more information on how to join.


Account Deleted

i miss the webinar due to different timezone:( i'll just have to wait for the video ^^ i really wanna learn more about brandings

Vicky Agnew

Where is the actual webinar posted please?


The link to the recording is here:

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