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What's your favorite TypePad blog?

Everyone always asks us how to find more and new favorite blogs. We've got a great selection here on Everything TypePad, featuring some of our best TypePad bloggers, as well as some great contributions from, and an archive of the now-retired still exists too.

We  love to feature bloggers in our monthly newsletters, on our Facebook page, and with our @sixapart Twitter stream too.

Anne Marie reminded me this weekend that we should feature more new blogs - so let us know in the comments: what's your favorite TypePad blog, and why? You can also submit new featured blog suggestions via email.


Michael Moran

I love my Typepad blog. I always suggest Typepad to my fellow teachers when they consider starting a class site.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

I think my blog is my favorite too....*hee* *hee* OK. OK. I'm also a fun of Juggling Life at

and Sprite's Keeper at


I like my own blog, too! I tackle parenting issues, recap Baby-sitter's Club books, and talk about baking.

I also really like Not that you asked ( Emily has been blogging for a efw years, so it's not new, but it's well worth a read!

Candle Bush

A personal favorite typepad blog of mine: Whatever...

This is a great blog on Public Relations and Technology. Expect a good dose of content relevant to current affairs tied into new media. Its bloggers are seasoned for their age and are frank in their accounts. Whatever... posts the kind of content you want to read, regardless of your industry.

Account Deleted

hello there ^^i love real pie media blog and they're both great blogs ^^. well i like my blog as well. not just because its my blog but because i strive hard to make it beautiful and informative ^^ visit my blog too see, maybe i can be featured,haha im just dreaming. besides, its not bad to dream ^^.

Account Deleted

here's mine :)

Jill Gaupin

I will follow the herd here and say "I love my TypePad Blogs" too.. My blogs are hyperlocal sites for the beach resort community I live in - and

I am a ProBlogger and evangelize TypePad to anyone that will listen. I make my money blogging so I need to spend all my time posting, not fussing with the technical stuff. TypePad does it all for me so I can focus 100% of my time on building the sites and business. Thanks TypePad!


I personally like my own site but I may be a bit biased there. And I know it needs more work and more of me in it. My boyfriend says I am boy-i-fied which I think reflects in my site. I have tried to be a-sexual lol. But people do like to see one's own personality within a blog and I have yet to learn how to put ME forward. However there is a fabulous blog I like but do not understand, I think it is because it jumps out at me but it is not a typepad blog I think.

Claire Alcock

Hi Dani2xll,

If you are interested in learning more about personal branding I highly recommend you join our free TypePad webinar next Wednesday. Just sign up here

Register for "Expand your small business brand to achieve global recognition". Our guest speaker Kirsten Dixson is a professional branding consultant and a fantastic speaker - be sure to join if you can. It will be very useful session.

Account Deleted

I first heard of typepad because of a brilliant blog - I'm not sure if she's still a typepadder - but that's how I first signed up for my own blog, and now I have several... and - my company's blog.

I'll admit to being mildly jealous at all the comment traffic Patti over at 37days is able to generate... she has a huge and ravenous following which I can aspire to only in my dreams!!

Denise Wakeman

I have a client who recently started a blog on skin care. Fern Burg is an esthetician and she's writing posts about how to care for your skin and why it's so important to your overall health.

Naturally, her blog is built on TypePad:

Faces by Fern

Blog on!
Denise aka The Blog Squad

kamela cody

Check out I love the ability to share interior design, celebrity style & fashion, food, travel, hip charities & more! There are more links to amazing typepad blogs like at my blog, too.

Account Deleted

My suggestion is for typepad to create their list of qualified typepad blog candidates and then make a voting poll for typepad bloggers to vote ^^..

I guess it would also be great if typepad will make a forum.
A typepad forum for us typepad bloggers to interact.

Anyone interested for a link exchange? please visit my blog to see if we have related niche ^^.
thanks and goodluck to all of us ^^


My favorite new TypePad blog is Origami Mommy ( about crafts and simple living with children in Tokyo. It has beautiful photography, wonderful writing, and lots of excellent tutorials.

Rachel Anne

I've often wondered why Typepad doesn't feature more great blogs...surely there are more than just the same handful we've seen featured for months and months? The best sales tool Typepad could use is to show examples of great blogs, and it's probably the only complaint I would have about your great service. When I wanted to update my own blog, I had to GOOGLE "great typepad blog designs" to find was not easy to get ideas, and it seems like it would make excellent marketing sense to show just how good you are!!

My own blog, has been a wonderful experience and Typepad has been a perfect blog service for me.


As a gamer, I'm always keeping my eyes peeled for other gaming bloggers within the TypePad network, especially since two of my top favorite game writers keep their blogs here.

If you're a gamer and are looking for some intelligent discourse on videogaming and culture, don't miss out on Acid for Blood ( by Regina Buenaobra and The Brainy Gamer ( by Michael Abbott.

If anyone wants to suggest more TypePad gaming blogs, my ears are open!

Kandace Heimer

Like many of the other comments, my favorite blog is my very own typepad blog, I'm avid scuba diver and nature/wildlife/underwater photographer. I blog about my travels photographing the world through my eyes. Many of my underwater photographs have won awards in various publications. I love Typepad Blogging system. I am glad to see this newest addition to the Typepad family. I am starting to build a nice clientele through my blogging and my own Facebook page. If I am lucky, maybe I can get on Typepad's Facebook page.


MELANCHOLIA is definitely "the weblog with the bleeding heart".

Soldier Girl

I love my blog .. and I am still working on it .. lol

Jean Boggio

I, too, love my blog, focusing on life in Maine and older women's issues. The journey continues and is ever-changing.

positively present

My favorite Typepad blog is The Happiness Project: This was one of the first blogs I ever read and when I was reading it I was inspired to start my own blog. The first thing I did when I decided to start my blog was to look at The Happiness Project to see what kind of blog formatting it used. When I noticed it was Typepad, I signed up right away and launched my blog, Positively Present ( Since then (and this was less than six months ago!) I started another blog, Hope Springs Internal ( I've really enjoyed using Typepad and I'm very excited about the new version. :)

Diana Pritchard

I don't currently have a blog, but would like to start one.

My favorite typepad blog is Urban Mama at She's my sister and I think her blog is fantastic. She's the one who has inspired me to try blogging.

She writes about family, motherhood, marriage, movies (she's a movie reviewer for common sense media), and grief (our mother passed away last October).

Account Deleted

One of my fave TypePad blogs is Wonderland, by Alice Taylor: It's a cool gaming blog that talks about virtual worlds, social gaming, and occasionally she posts pics of gaming related crafts she finds on Etsy. Her blog has been a Featured TypePad blog at least twice (I looked through the archives!), so I know TypePad loves it as well. ;-)

Account Deleted

Thanks, Tiff. ;-D


One of my favorite blogs happens to be I find that the overall design is really nice, and this site has been generating over 1000 daily visitors... not bad for a newbie that has been blogging for only 9 months.

Typepad is great for bloggers and web designers. They support team is what really stands out.

Kate Bassett, Alison DeCamp, Deborah King

I have to echo Ron with regard to TypePad support. We tried BlueHost and WordPress and TypePad has the best support we've encountered. That said, like everyone else, we love our blog the best. And isn't that how it should be?

Account Deleted

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Account Deleted

That practice exploits a weakness in the Trackbacks (Backlink) system. It's artificially inflating your blog's importance in Technorati rankings and in search engines. I don't see this as a practice that any credible blogger should participate in. If people want to increase their Technorati authority (Which, seriously? Technorati isn't really important anymore. Technorati stopped being good years ago.), readership numbers, and search engine rankings, they should do it properly: write good material (have a unique voice, etc.), engage with their commenters, comment on other blogs, and do creative things to raise their visibility, etc.

Account Deleted

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As to being credible, you can't judge in right away.

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For me, i consider every ways possible that will bring good for my blog. As long as i dont hurt or offend anyone. ^^

Account Deleted

^^ i have just receive a bad comment in my blog post about this matter. ^^ Its so rude ^^ and to know that it came from a man. He is so anonymous ^^ yet i was able to track him ^^ i know who's the one who leaved the comment ^^ but i respect his privacy and opinion ^^.

I could have edited his comment through typepad's innovative feature to edit comments. i should have replace "sux" to (rocks) haha ^^ but i didn't, i just deleted the comment ^^ very nice. thanks to typepad. this is possible. This is one of the reasons why i love typepad ^^. I just want to ask those who are against the idea ive shared. if you don't like it then please just ignore it ^^. Just don't leave comments that might hurt feelings. ^^ I'm a Woman you know ^^. Cheers to all and Keep blogging ^^

Kim McMillan

Of course I LOVE my blog.....

I am someone who KNOWS very little about the computer so for me, it was a perfect choice to go with Typepad as it's so user friendly.
Having said that, I would like to kick things up a notch as I feel like I've been in a rut with my blog.
I do visit Ali Edwards typepad blog every day. I am partial to Typepad because it's my first:)

Account Deleted

Hello guys, i just wanna share you this important matter. I've heard so many cons and pros with regards to typepad features and service. Yet all this concerns are being shared only through everything typepad. I guess it would be more convenient for us typepad users if typepad can provide us a FORUM where in we can interact with each other, make discussions, share our opinions and post our queries.

forum is great because everything is being categorized and for that, it is more organized and appropriate for sharing questions and knowledge.

Also, some typepad users who are knowledgeable about blogging
and about using the typepad features can reach others easily and
might be able to help. By this, we can get answers more faster. Typepad support team is not always online but if we have a forum,
other knowledgeable typepad users all over the world can help others.

I have already suggested this thing to typepad but i think they will not consider my suggestion if im alone so I have created a poll on this matter to hear your sides about this.

Lets cast our votes people, This is for the sake of our community. You can cast your votes at Thank you and more power to us.

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