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Top Reasons to Love The New TypePad

Updated - everyone now has the chance to try the new TypePad - just click "Preview the New TypePad" on your dashboard.  We wanted to highlight the the top reasons that people are loving it.

TypePad Dashboard
  • Reply to commentsFun: Connect with your readers and commenters, and share your blog with your social network. Reply to comments and keep the conversation on your blog moving.
  • Easy: Compose and create with TypePad’s streamlined navigation. Click to common actions instantly from your dashboard.
  • Connect: Your TypePad profile lets your readers learn who you are and discover your other blogs. Update your profile with your name and avatar, too, and share your blog with more people.
  • SEO: change your post URL on the fly, reorder your blog title and post titles, and add more keywords on more levels.
  • Share on FriendFeed and TwitterHelp: TypePad offers world-class support and services - we've got a sleek new updated knowledge base for the new TypePad. Want a new design, more visibility, or sharper blogging skills? We're here to help in our TypePad One design studio.
  • Now with more awesome: We’re making the new TypePad the blogging platform you’ve been waiting for, with feedback from you. There's so much that we're doing this year

Want to see more people who are loving the new TypePad? Check out our Twitter favorites or check out what our Facebook fans are saying.

There's lots more features you've requested coming in the new TypePad, so many that we can't build them all at the same time! This is just the beginning of some great new blogging experience you've been asking for. We made this with your feedback (and a huge thanks to our Beta team too!) so we know you're gonna love it.

Ready to try the new TypePad? You'll find the button to preview the new TypePad on the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.

TypePad Dashboard

Want to give the new TypePad a try? Just leave us a comment!


Matthew Curtiss

can't wait to try it out.


I love it, except for the 'connect' feature which I consider totally unnecessary.


Sorry, but I just don't see the option to try this functionality out as per your screenshot. Has this been rolled out to everybody to try or just a few?

Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau

I don't understand why the 'comments' on my blog are not appearing like those above (WITHIN THE ENTRY)...with profile photos, etc to make it like a real conversation?? Am I missing something?

Also, I would also love for the photos of the AUTHORS of each entry to appear next to the post. This is necessary/desired for guest bloggers, etc. Again, am I missing something?

Account Deleted

I want to try the new TypePad...please activate for me! Looking forward to it!

Account Deleted

hello there ^^ we have same sentiments regarding this matter. i guess it would be a lot greater if there's a photo along with the comments. And like what philip said, we want to try the new typepad but there's no button to click ^^. Anyways, typepad rocks ^^


I'll get you set up with an invite now - not everyone has it yet!


Would love to take a look at all the new stuff too, please.

Kirsten LaBlanc

The changes look great. Would like to try it out.


I'm blogging on a daily basis with Typepad. I would love to get an invitation to discover the 'new' Typepad. Btw, is there already an official 'go live' date scheduled for the new Typepad release?


To be fair, there are a good number of neutral and negative reviews as well from those of us who have tried the beta. Not everyone is all aglow. For a better idea, read through some of the comments at the feedback page:
Not trying to burst anyone's bubble here, just looking for balance...


Why can't I edit and delete comments anymore?!


hey Matthew - check your account!


hi Kathleen - you weren't quite yet on the preview of the new design, but I've put an invite on your dashboard. Check now to see some of the new features!


thanks so much! :D


ah, I had thought you were already using it - check your dashboard now for your invite to the new TypePad. :D


Hey Geo - there's loads of feedback where people are reporting issues and requests for features, for sure. I don't dispute that at all. We can't do everything at once, but we're listening carefully to everyone to see how best we can meet everyone's needs. I appreciate you weighing in here, too - of course! :D


Thanks a lot! ;-)

Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau

Hi Ginerva-

I don't see the invite you mention on the dashboard.

However, at the very top of the page I do see "You are previewing the new Typepad." But when I click on my actual blog, the comments are still only showing up as commenter photos next to them etc. Looks like a plain old blog with none of the new features. The dashboard looks like the new style, but not my actual blog.

Account Deleted

hello there ^^ yeah Geo, Gineva is right. To tell you honestly, Typepad rocks! the support team is always there ready to help 7 days a week and the features available are also great. Everything is there already, ready to use and be discovered, its being fed to us already.

Its up to us then to use those features, or should i say to discover on how to use those features. we cant just rely everything to the support team. Discovering, making experimentation, learning, for me that's blogging. Typepad is great because even if you are an average net surfer, you can create a blog. I have no experience in programming, or any other stuffs related but i was able to manage a blog because of typepad and im so thankful for that.

when i was still starting, i always open a support ticket everyday, and typepad support team is always there to help me, of course not all of your queries are being answered but they never fail to guide you through it. and that's the point where you have to discover things yourself, make some experimentation. Trial and error. By that, you will be able to learn, and become a better blogger.

Ive been blogging for almost two months now and im happy with what ive come up with my blog. You can visit my blog at ^^. Again, our blogging success really depends on us, and i know typepad and typepad support team is there to help us make it happen. Thank you and more power

Kathleen Slattery-Moschkau

Ok, Ginevra-

Not sure if you just tweeked it, but it is now working! So exciting.

Account Deleted

hello there kathleen , maybe because you haven't tried the new typepad, you're only previewing it ^^ the new typepad is still on beta and if you want to experience the new features or the new typepad you have to click the link you're seeing at the top of your dashboard which is "NEW! Preview the new typepad". click that link and you will be directed to a page where you will be able to access the new typepad. I hope this helps, thank you and goodluck^^

Account Deleted

wow! that's great ^^


Ginevra, I know after months of help tickets and emails back and forth after the last major overhaul of the system almost a year ago, that you probably have the impression by now that this has become something of a personal vendetta of mine. Or crusade. Your choice.

The reality is, though, I really want to see TypePad work like it used to do when I first signed up two and half years ago and be the service I was so desperately excited to find because it was everything I wanted and needed it to be. More importantly it was a service I felt was worth the cost.

After many many trial and error experiments with other services and finding them wanting, I chose TypePad for what *was* a streamlined professional interface that allowed the user to navigate the system quickly and easily. It towered over the competition in usefulness and function. My complaint is that much of this has changed recently in favour of what appears to be a desire to make TypePad more of a social networking site. Maybe I'm way off base with that assessment, but that's how it feels.

And though networking is, by extension, one of the *many* reasons (and benefits of) why people blog, the *writing* is the nuts and bolts - the absolute core - of blogging. Without writing, blogs, by their very definition, would not exist. Without the writing - having your say on whatever subject you choose, whether it's knitting, fashion, or the kid down the street with two heads - a blog would be just another lifeless web site and there would be no audience to interact or be social with. Writing is the primary consideration. Everything else - all the other functions and, yes, even the pretty frilly bits, as nice and entertaining as they can be - is secondary.

So when I want to log in and get down to the business of writing, I want to do it without all the nonsense that makes other services so cloying. And so my biggest frustration lately is that the function of the compose screen has become such that I have taken to using third party software to write and post - sadly relegating TypePad to nothing more than, essentially, a hosting service.

So I think it is a shame that the very foundation upon which TypePad is (presumably) built, the most vital piece of the puzzle because it is the very gateway that connects someone with an audience and allows them to *create* a web log (and is, I'm guessing, the reason TypePad exists in the first place) has seemingly become a secondary consideration of the service.

Now we are looking at another update which has, from my experience of having tested the Beta version, further bungled the usefulness of the compose editor and taken a giant step backwards and, needless to say, I'm not so thrilled. Perhaps that will change.

These days I use my TypePad account for exactly three things: to check my stats, to occasionally use the Knowledge Base, and check on the progress of the new system. I don't use it to blog any more which, of course, is the reason *why* I became a customer.

As for the cosmetics, I don't care how it looks; I care about how it *functions*. Make the interface as pretty or as ugly as you want to do - but it needs to make sense and it needs to *work*. That's the bottom line. But right now, it isn't doing that. And that's a huge disappointment to a reasonably long-time user...

Account Deleted

hello Geo, now i understand your sentiment, i have read the feedbacks of the typepad bloggers who tried the new typepad and they have lots of complaints. It seems to show that instead of making typepad a lot easier to use and more functional with its new features, there are certain things that turned down the functionality of creating a post.

Yeah the comment part has become a lot better because there's a picture of the comment author now but if it will make posting hard for general typepad bloggers then i would prefer typepad to be the same way as it is. Besides, typepad in its current status is great already. My suggestion is, since there are different opinions, point of views with regards to the new typepad.

Instead of running the new typepad generally, why dont they make a function button in which we, typepad users will choose whether we want to upgrade our typepad account into the new typepad or not. i guess that would be a fare solution in all this. Well anyways, the reason why they have a beta is because they want to hear from us users, im sure typepad will be able to find a way to solve all the issues and make new typepad really a great new typepad ^^. I believe in you guys!

Account Deleted

I'd love to try it out!

Priscilla Davis

I'm very new to Typepad, and to blogging. How do I get comments, with or without pictures, to be readable on my blog? In other words, I want to see and be able to read the actual comments when I'm reading the blog, not have to click on the Comments button to see the comments. Can you help? Thank you! Priscilla

Account Deleted

hello there priscilla, thanks for asking, well just like any other blogs or any other comment function, you can see the comment right beneath the post or article you created. Or in your typepad dashboard, in the center you can see there this clickable links:
the (post, pages, comments, trackbacks) just click the comments and then you will be able to see the list of comments or comments in your blog. i hope this helps.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

Would love to try it as well. Love the new features already.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

Will it make it difficult to post as the above commenter said though?

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings

Go to your manage page and click on the individual comments there to edit or delete them. That is if you are using Typepad Connect.


Hi Lisa! You shouldn't have any problems posting with the new TypePad - let our support team know in tickets if you do, they're happy to help out. :)


you're all set with an invite - can't wait to hear what you think.


Hi Priscilla - if you need some help, please open up a help ticket with our support team, they're happy to give you any assistance you need. Like Samjien says below, the comments will be viewable once you're on a post. You can always put up a list of most recent comments in your sidebar, too! :) I hope this helps!


great! Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.


Hi Geo - I do take your point about how to improve the overall experience along with implementing new features. We do a new release every two weeks to both improve new features and to fix bugs, but not everything can be done all at once. I hope you stick with us to see how the improvements play out.

We're a company founded by bloggers, and lots of us have been blogging for years - we understand how essential it is to have the writing process work. Have you tried the new version of TypePad and the compose editor? What specifically is and isn't working there on the new version that you are seeing today?

Priscilla Davis

Thanks for writing so quickly, Ginevra. I'll check out the help and support team.


Brian Hines

Geo, I agree with your general take on the New TypePad. It is heavy on social networking, and light on the features that serious (or semi-serious) bloggers like me need. (Note to Ginevra: I love you, gal; you're a great TypePad community advocate/representative; you've heard my criticisms, and I appreciate your openness to them.)

My main thought for today: when I tried out TypePad Connect, I encountered a rebellion from many of my regular blog visitors. They didn't want to share their photo or other personal information; they didn't want to be best friends with other blog visitors; they just wanted to take part in a comment conversation on my blog posts, sharing ideas and viewpoints with considerable anonymity.

TypePad needs to improve the commenting experience for both blog visitors and bloggers. I've got a laundry list of improvements that I've shared which TypePad never gets around to. Some features of TypePad Connect, like threaded comments, are great. But those could be integrated into the current platform, which by and large works fine for me. It just doesn't have the features that I and my blog visitors want.

I hope there always will be a choice between Old TypePad (for bloggers focused on writing, posting, comment conversations with blog visitors) and a New TypePad (for bloggers who want a snazzy colorful interface with social networking features to mesh with their Facebook addiction).


Ginevra, I understand that everything takes time and, often, waiting has many rewards. Rather than going into huge details here, I ask you to follow this link...

...and see what I wrote on the subject and posted in the Beta Comments forum. You might recognise some of this because I sent it to you in bits and pieces some time ago.

In a nutshell, though, the new compose editor is shockingly bad. I could not get it to work. It was slow. Painfully slow. I couldn't get images to load correctly. It lost the post I had written. I couldn't preview anything with much success. You still have to scroll up and down for many functions (a huge time-waster I have complained about for months) and it still feels like an afterthought shoved down at the bottom of the page. It is not at all up to what I think of as the usually very high TypePad standards. I know it's in Beta, but I was actually pretty sad to see this.

I guess I feel like TypePad should have a prominent and stellar Compose Editor as the central hub around which everything else rotates and evolves. Instead it feels and functions like a tertiary consideration thrown in. I know that seems like a harsh assessment, but that's why I've ended up using LiveWriter instead.


Hi Geo - I've read that page, but it's talking about the old editor. If you're still using the new editor today and are still having issues, that's definitely what we need to know about to improve it for the next release.

Also - have you ever tried the "full-screen" button for editing? I like using that a lot.

Account Deleted

hello Geo i just want to comment with regards to the post you made comparing typepad posting interface with other blogging platforms like wordpress and blogger.
before i used typepad platform. I was using blogger and wordpress. With blogger, i dont like their posting interface because its too poor in functions and with regards to wordpress, it takes time loading before you can make a post. unlike typepad, you can write right away in just 2 or 3 seconds upon clicking the compose button.

Ive experienced some certain issues also with regards to creating a post in typepad. Like, when you preview your post before you finish writing it. when you write back and press enter, the line spacing changes to 1 line gap.

My solution for that is, i open notepad and then write there, then i copy what i wrote in notepad and then paste it in my compose screen. And that's it. Fixed.
You can figure out the problem if you bare with it and make some experimentations. that's what im doing and so far. All the issues i had have been solved. ^^

Account Deleted

i totally agree with you with regards to the choice. just like the choice given to us as to whether we want to try the new typepad or not. I guess this will be the ultimate solution for all these issues because typepad bloggers have different purpose on why they blog.

Like what you said, for those bloggers who focused more on writing, posting, current typepad would be the best and for those who wants more on social networking then new typepad would best suit them.


I've been a TypePad member since September 2004. The one and only reason why I chose TypePad and not some other free blogging platform was precisely because I also consider writing to be the core of blogging. However, as Jean-Paul Sartre said : "On écrit pour être lu" - we write to be read - whether we write to promote our business or just for pleasure. Yet, we all want others to read our blogs. Otherwise why blog at all? Although I really loved the old TypePad, I found it very hard to find other TypePad members and read their blogs. A year after I had joined TypePad, I felt very tempted to give it up. A friend suggested me joining Yahoo!360 and I did and truly enjoyed it because I could easily add people to my network, read their blogs and / or comment and interact. I could exchange thoughts, opinions and ideas with other people of a different culture and civilization and definitely a different lifestyle. I learnt a lot from them just like they learnt a lot from me. But I never gave up on TypePad which I regarded then as my hiding place and visited it once or twice a month. In November 2007, when Yahoo!360 started facing serious bugs which they never solved, writing a blog became a frustration instead of a pleasure. But TypePad was there to offer me this pleasure even at a certain cost. Last year I upgraded my account and I was literally thrilled - especially with the prompt replies to my help tickets and the quick solutions. Now, with the new TypePad, I can read at a glance from the dashboard about what other people blog about. That's how I came across your comment here and your blog which I truly enjoyed reading.


Actually, my comment above was meant to be a reply to GEO. I did click on Reply from the dashboard.

Soldier Girl

Still playing around with it .. but so far I love it .. I do have a question though. Will we ever be able to have additional weblogs that are not "our entire blog name" say if I want a weblog, but I do not want the sassy sasha in it .. kwim? (know what I mean)

But I love this ..


thanks for your support, Anastasia - I'm so glad that you've had a good experience with the new dashboard. I feel similarly - finally getting to know my commenters has given me inspiration to write better myself, and also to read and find out more about the people who read my blog. Plus, the easy integration with FB/Twitter et cetera has gotten some of my other friends to read my blog, which is really rewarding!

Thanks for sticking with us - it means the world to me to know people like you appreciate what we do. :)


Hi Ginevra. I used to feel very lonely on TypePad because I couldn't read other people's blogs. Yet, I loved all the tools that you have provided for us since 2004 when I joined in. From the very beginning you were way ahead of all other blogging platforms and made blogging a real pleasure at a relatively low cost. I will never forget how excited a friend of mine was when I offered her basic TypePad for a birthday present! Yet,in the old TypePad there was something missing. The true essence of communication, interaction with other people. And yes, I agree. The integration with Facebook is super! I sometimes get double comments!! On Facebook and on TypePad! The new TypePad is brilliant, I love it and ...catch your breath! I am soon going to post my 38 reasons why I love it!


hi Sasha - you should be able to domain map various blogs, but technical support (available in the "help" link) should be able to assist you with figuring this out!


i'd like to give the new one a shot!


go for it! :) your invite is on your dashboard now.


Hey Brian - thanks for your always-thoughtful response. (love you back!) I think that the core of TypePad is and will always be to make the best blogging experience possible for everyone.

It's going to take a lot of getting used to for some folks, but that's why we're doing a preview with loads of time to switch back and forth, taking (and using!) customer feedback, and working hard at making the new TypePad awesome.

And I don't know if I said it strongly enough in the post above, but we're still working on the new features - you're seeing some pieces of the larger picture, but hopefully things will start to gel a bit more as we move along in the product development process.


To be honest, no, I did not use the 'full-screen' button. I didn't notice it. I was too busy yelling at the editor to work. I'll look again. And, yes, you're right, the provided link was addressing the current (old) version of the composer but, because there is very little visual or stylistic difference between 'current/old' and 'beta/new' other than the colour scheme and the navigation being switched around, the recommended tweaks are still valid, as I believe I tried to point out. Perhaps I was not successful in that regard. Thanks for the tip, though!


So, effectively, you're are using third-party software to do the job that the editor isn't doing correctly. Thus my point.
Of course I use Notepad or Word as well, but it's only when I don't have access to the internet.


Please don't believe for a minute that I don't think the social side of TypePad is awesome - because I absolutely do. Like you I started out in a very quiet corner of TypePad with no idea who if anyone even noticed. I must have at least three readers now, so I feel totally validated.
I just so badly want the writing experience with the compose screen (old or new, your choice) to be the centre of attention. It should be a joy to write, not an exorcise in seeing how many veins can stand out on your forehead before marching back to LiveWriter to do the job. Is this making sense to anyone but me?

Account Deleted

^^ yeah you're right. But that's what i call bare or experimentation. Honestly, typepad features are great and its easy to use. Wordpress is more technical specially if you choose a self hosted service. you need to have some knowledge in mySQL and FTP transfer. And, if there's trouble, there's no support team that's gonna help you 7 days a week unlike typepad. There are certain things that we need to consider ^^. Besides, its not so hard on our parts right?

The best solution for all this issues is for typepad to give us a choice as to whether we want to use the new typepad or we want the same old typepad. not to generally run the new typepad. I think that's the best thing they should do because we have different purpose on blogging. Others focus on writing while others enjoy more the social networking feature of new typepad.


Well, wish I could see what everyone is talking about ;-) Hint, hint.

But without that knowledge, I'll have to side with Geo about the one and only true reason I blog and that is to write. I don't give a you-know-what about social networking. I, well, will just leave it at that until I see the work in progress. But to emphasize Geo's point: the compose editor is my lifeline and I don't care how pretty or ugly it is, as long as it is easy to write and edit.

Thanks for listening.


Full screen doesn't work either. 'Rich Text' and 'HTML' tabs are quite annoyingly floating, disembodied, in the middle of my screen and at the top of the screen the nav bar and the compose bar bleed into each other in a difficult to use mash-up.

Account Deleted

haha ^^ hello there geo ^^ put a subscribe button so i can subscribe to your blog and be able to read your freshest post^^ adding a subscribe button or subscribe through email box is a great way to gain readership. Join blog catalog, mybloglog. by doing so, you'll gain visitors/readers to your site. Try also adding google friend connect. Adding social network features in your blog will make people love your blog. ^^

Your blog is awesome, the articles you created are very informative. I must say that you're a good writer and your writings deserves to be read by others. Try to apply the methods i shared to you and it will make your blog over validated ^^ . take care and goodluck


This makes perfect sense to me and I see your point. I am a published writer in my country. My book - a critical study of T.S.Eliot's major poems - was published in 1990 and only sold 10 copies. Yet, I derived so much pleasure from writing it and , despite my disappointment, I was really pleased to see that 10 people were interested to read it. As for TypePad, I never had to use third party applications to post. I sometimes use Notepad to make notes or jot down ideas which I can use later to organise my blog.

Account Deleted

hello guys ^^ i just wanna share something that is among the reasons why we should love typepad. Im sure we all want to have a cool navigation bar for our blogs right? it will spice up our blog.

i have made a post in my blog on "How to create a navigation bar for your blog with rollovers using just CSS. Rollovers would make your navigation bar almost the same with the navigation bar of Isnt it lovely? now its possible to make your own without having a hard time on dealing with javascripts image swapping. You can now create a cool navbar with rollover using just simple CSS codes. Visit my blog for a free tutorial.
Goodluck and more power.


I would be interested in trying out the new typepad as somehow I have missed all information about there being something new out there.

Lee Minnerly

A friend convinced me to give it a try. Count me in!

Jane N-B

I'd love to try the new beta. Been with TypePad for years now, and am always interested in your improvements ~


I posted an update to the previous link I indicated to you above. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see that I now include a modified version of the new beta composer just to show the comparison. As before, this is a cosmetic suggestion for getting the compose window up where it can be better used. Not at all perfect, but it's an idea...

Kathryn (Kate) Fialkowski

I have only been using TypePad and blogging for about 6 months. I chose TypePad because of all the ones I trialed, I found this intuitive. I have stayed with TypePad because the support is superior and my favorite help responder is Zalary who alwasy seems to get what I am trying to do and can help me do it.

I did wonder, though, whats with the new TypePad. While those two things (intuitive and support) are still true, they were true before. I'm glad they're still there, but I didn't see the benefits of the changes.

It is not more fun, nor easier, maybe the SEO is stronger. I don't see the "more awesome."

It is slower, the quirks in the editor are still there, I love my stats but have to sit and wait for them to appear to get on to writing. Writing and maintaining/optimizing are two different things.

I am wondering if I am "growing up" as a blogger and maybe I'm going to need to move on to WordPress or something else. I guess what I'm saying is, TypePad, where are you headed with all of this? Who's your target customer? I thought we were headed in the same direction when you added the small business stuff. But this new interface appears to be going in a dif direction. I'm confused by the "messages" being sent out by this upgrade.

Kathryn (Kate) Fialkowski

I think it was a fair point that there are two sides to the upgrade. The "hooray we have something new!" excitement and the other side "what's up with new, I dont see whats better?"

There is something called a Kano Analysis -- a customer perspective of value. There are those "must haves" -- in our case the composition of a post is a must have. The "delighters" where more is better -- like widgets. And the "WOW factor," one thing that just knocks your socks off -- this has been service (in my case, Zalary). The key about these three levels is that you can't get to the higher level unless the basic must-haves are fulfilled.

By bringing out a new version, many customers have the expectation that existing problems with the basics will be resolved before you move on to the "fun."

If they are not repaired, neutrality does not result. My advice would be to relook at the upgrade and simply consider whether or not the "must-haves" have been taken care of as well as the "fun."

Account Deleted

very well said ^^ i totally agree. Woooo.. i guess its better if typepad will make a poll for this one so that they will really hear the opinion of the majority ^^

Goodluck to all of us and to typepad. more power. We
believe in you guys!

Account Deleted

Hello Kathryn, i totally agree with what you said that the
support is superior. Whenever you have problems whether its technical or just an ordinary query, typepad support team never fails to respond to those questions. My favorite responder though is Kymberlie ^^ She rocks ^^ she's so hospitable and kind the way she responds. ^^ i like her. i even entrusted her my google account. (lol ^^) when i asked her a favor to help me with my sitemap.

This is one of the reasons why i love typepad. Unlike other platforms, If ever you have a problem, no one will help you.
Cheers to typepad. As to the cons and pros of this new typepad.
Im glad that i wasn't able to try it yet. So far, im enjoying a lot with the old typepad and im improving my blog with it.


I thought I had a subscribe button on my blog somewhere. Maybe I just imagined it. Or maybe it's lost at the bottom of the far right sidebar somewhere. I'm still not clear on the whole TypeList thing because they seem needlessly over-thought, and many times I add things that just don't show up. Maybe the subscribe button was one of them. I'll look into that. Thanks!

lara skripitsky

Would love to try it out too!

Thanks. :)


I would like to give this a try. Are new options for blog designs a part of this too, or just a new back-end?


I want to try it! I received an email saying I was invited, but the button doesn't show up on my dashboard. Sign me up!

Kristin Espinasse

Yes, I'd love to try it. When and how? (I can't find the "try it" button either.)

Merci beaucoup!


try it now! :)


it should be there now - look for the "Preview" link on your dashboard.

Domain Terminated

Great look. One important thing I will like so much for Typepad to have is the ability to have a script that will suggest related post within a post.

Jo Christian Oterhals

Hi -- I just received an email from you inviting me to try the new Typepad. But the Dashboard doesn't have the "Try the new Typepad" button. Could you enable it for me? Thanks.


I want to second the comments made by Geo and Brian: I have no interest in the New TypePad, as I have no interest in social networking. In fact, I don't even allow comments at my site. I signed up with TypePad originally because it seemed a convenient way to put up a traditional web page without having to master web editing software like Dreamweaver; I wanted to write content, not spend my time on design. Indeed, TypePad advertised itself as a means to doing that. In other words, I use TypePad as a hosting service, nothing more.

I fervently hope you will give me the option of continuing with the old TypePad in the way I always have. I dread the thought of having to transfer all my previous posts to some new service.

Account Deleted

hello there Geo ^^. Good day, thanks for the reply. ^^ well my friendly advice is for you to make sure you have a subscribe button in your blog ^^ because it will help you build readers to your blog. Like what i said ^^ your posts are must read posts ^^no flattering just real fact ^^. your post really deserves to be read ^^.

Im sure many of those who already had visited your site wants to keep in touch with your blog by subscribing,but they missed it coz there's no subscribe button ^^. A subscribe button really is a must because not only that it will build readers. People who first visit your blog and subscribe to your feeds, might be able to come back to your site if you make new post because they will get updated ^^ or notified.

my best suggestion is for you to put a subscribe in a reader button and subscribe through email button both
provided by feedburner ^^. This two are great tools for gaining readers ^^. Its really fun to have readers on your site. it makes blogging worthed ^^.

Typelist's contribution and performance on your blog will vary on how you use it ^^. Feel free to visit my site at you might get some ideas on how to make typelist functional ^^.

I hope this helps Geo, i know and believe that you are a good writer. You just have to market your blog to make the best out of it ^^. take care always ^^

Account Deleted

Hello typepad bloggers. i have something to share to you which is very important for us bloggers/webmasters. This is about Increasing our backlinks on technorati. Im sure most of you know already that backlinks are very important if you want to have an excessive amount of traffic from search engines right?.

For those who dont know what backlink is. Backlinks are links that point from other website to your website. Most search engines like google will give more credit to your site if they notice that other sites link to yours.

If you have so many backlinks from other sites, and if google will notice that, im sure they always do. Search engines will reward you with more traffic for certain keywords on the search engine. And that is very good for us.

There's a movement recently created for the purpose of increasing our backlinks on technorati which technorati authority allows. This movement has been spreading already around the web and the sooner you join the more backlinks you will receive. To participate on this movement and to spread the word. Please visit my blog to know more about this and to join.

Paula Sealey

I also had an email inviting me to try the new typepad, but there is no "try the new typepad" on my dashboard, so I'm unable to.

Account Deleted

Hello guys ^^ i love typepad both old and new because you
can make so much more with your blog. I have recently created an article about "Common Typepad Questions with Concrete answers"

this article gives answer on this common issues like

*How to create a navigation bar with rollover using just CSS*
this should make your navigation bar almost the same with Typepad's navbar.

*Narrow themes (japanese themes) - You can now use these themes by increasing manually the width of your blog through simple CSS code

*How to submit google sitemap*
*How to add background images to your blog*

i hope this helps.

Account Deleted

Hello guys, i just wanna share you this important matter. I've heard so many cons and pros with regards to typepad features and service. Yet all this concerns are being shared only through everything typepad. I guess it would be more convenient for us typepad users if typepad can provide us a FORUM where in we can interact with each other, make discussions, share our opinions and post our queries.

forum is great because everything is being categorized and for that, it is more organized and appropriate for sharing questions and knowledge.

Also, some typepad users who are knowledgeable about blogging
and about using the typepad features can reach others easily and
might be able to help. By this, we can get answers more faster. Typepad support team is not always online but if we have a forum,
other knowledgeable typepad users all over the world can help others.

I have already suggested this thing to typepad but i think they will not consider my suggestion if im alone so I have created a poll on this matter to hear your sides about this.

Lets cast our votes people, This is for the sake of our community. You can cast your votes at Thank you and more power to us.


ok yes please I would like to try it out!


Me me! I want to try it. Thanks!


I'd love to try it out.

thank you!


I have a new project to try this out on... and have some questions!

The Franchise King

Hi Gang,

Great job, Works flawlessly.

No problems learning how to use it.

Keep on keepin on!

Joel Libava

Patricia Smith Gundry

I'm not finding a way to get back to the old TypePad. Help.


you should be able to switch back using the navigation bar at the top - but let us know why you want to change back to the old TypePad, if you don't mind?


thanks, Joel!


hi david - you can get in touch with our support team if you've got some general questions by just clicking "help" in the upper right hand corner. We're happy to help!


I would love to give the new typepad a go... can I please get an invite?

The Franchise King

You do great work.

Keep it up!

Goin to BlogWorld, again?

I am.



I would love to try out the new Typepad!


Susan * In Her Own Words

Sounds great! I'd love to give it a try!!

Jane Berger

How soon can I get it?

Aref Tayeb

i will try today, and i hope it will be like i wished!


Hi Joel! I missed this comment - I was out of the office on vacay and took a break from the interwebs there. I'm just recently back from BlogHer, so I think that'll be my conference for this year, but if I do end up at BlogWorld again we'll have to sync up. Last year was a blast! Hope all is well with you.

John Henson

I like the sharing aspects and the ease of consolidation. I will try it.

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