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Top Reasons to Love The New TypePad

Updated - everyone now has the chance to try the new TypePad - just click "Preview the New TypePad" on your dashboard.  We wanted to highlight the the top reasons that people are loving it.

TypePad Dashboard
  • Reply to commentsFun: Connect with your readers and commenters, and share your blog with your social network. Reply to comments and keep the conversation on your blog moving.
  • Easy: Compose and create with TypePad’s streamlined navigation. Click to common actions instantly from your dashboard.
  • Connect: Your TypePad profile lets your readers learn who you are and discover your other blogs. Update your profile with your name and avatar, too, and share your blog with more people.
  • SEO: change your post URL on the fly, reorder your blog title and post titles, and add more keywords on more levels.
  • Share on FriendFeed and TwitterHelp: TypePad offers world-class support and services - we've got a sleek new updated knowledge base for the new TypePad. Want a new design, more visibility, or sharper blogging skills? We're here to help in our TypePad One design studio.
  • Now with more awesome: We’re making the new TypePad the blogging platform you’ve been waiting for, with feedback from you. There's so much that we're doing this year

Want to see more people who are loving the new TypePad? Check out our Twitter favorites or check out what our Facebook fans are saying.

There's lots more features you've requested coming in the new TypePad, so many that we can't build them all at the same time! This is just the beginning of some great new blogging experience you've been asking for. We made this with your feedback (and a huge thanks to our Beta team too!) so we know you're gonna love it.

Ready to try the new TypePad? You'll find the button to preview the new TypePad on the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.

TypePad Dashboard

Want to give the new TypePad a try? Just leave us a comment!

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