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Answer the QotD for a Chance to Win Three Months of TypePad & a Blog Tune-Up

TP QotDLast month we annouced a new feature, Question of the Day on TypePad, designed to inspire posts on the rare occasion (insert wink emoticon here) when you're suffering from a case of blogger’s block. Last week we introduced the QotD feature into the new TypePad, and to celebrate its arrival, we're hosting a friendly competition amongst TypePad bloggers.

For the next five weeks, whenever you answer the QotD, you’ll be automatically entered into our QotD contest. Each week, we’ll pick our favorite QotD answer and that blogger will win three months of free TypePad Pro. In addition, we’ll also be showing the love by linking to our favorite answer on our @sixapart Twitter stream.

At the end of the five weeks, we will carefully read through every single QotD answer and the one that makes us laugh, cry, smile, or nod in agreement the hardest, will win the grand prize: A Blog Tune-Up from TypePad Services.

Entering is easy. All you have to do is answer a QotD in your TypePad blog. The more QotDs you answer, the more chances you have to win. It's as simple as that, but if you want all the details, you can read the official contest rules here.

Answering the QotD might spark an idea for a question you'd like to see answered by other TypePad bloggers. If that's the case, just email your question to If your submission is chosen, we will publish your question, along with a “submitted by” message and a link to your blog, so not only is it a great way to connect with bloggers, it’s also a chance to get more readers to your blog.

In the meantime, we invite you to answer today’s QotD for a chance to win three months of Free TypePad and a Blog Tune-Up. Good luck!


Account Deleted

wow! im so excited for this ^^ I've read the contest rules already but unfortunately, its only available for US residents. :( Well goodluck to all of you guys! give your best shot ^^

Chris Sissons

Come on, we're all paid up members, why can't the rest of the world join in?

Account Deleted

haha ^^ i agree ^^. it would be great if all can participate.

Account Deleted

Hi, for more information contact to our website

Account Deleted

Hello there John, thank you for this but can you please elaborate more to us why we should contact your company?i mean how is it related to this QotD promotion of Typepad :) I visited your site and its very awesome period. And the services you offered is great too. I bookmarked your site already for future need ^^. Thank you and more power ^^

daisy barringer

Hey Chris - Thanks for the suggestion. We wanted to make this original contest just for our awesome - and loyal - TypePad users, but that is definitely something we'll look into for future contests. :)

Account Deleted

Hello Daisy, its great to know that you're paying tribute to your loyal customers ^^ i wish next time you will also have an event which would be exclusive for your asian customers which can be your potential loyal customers. I really love typepad and the services they provide. Im sure others too. Well, goodluck on your company and more power.

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