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Six Apart is going to BlogHer

Six Apart Media and TypePad One are heading to Chicago this week for the BlogHer09 conference! We're helping blogging megastars Mamapop with their sounds-too-fun-to-be-true Sparklecorn Extravaganza, (check Kirtsy's crib sheet complete BlogHer event listing).  Plus, we'll be helping people get switched onto the new TypePad and giving away some cool stuff like an iPod Touch, t-shirts, and more. Stop us and say hi - we love meeting new people.


Account Deleted

i like mamapop ^^ they're a group of blogger moms and the services they provide are great ^^ as much as i would want to meet you people i can't :( im from Philippines. I just wanna say goodluck on the conference ^^guys! ^^

Judi Jerome

I wish some of these great conferences would come up to Burlington, Vermont!

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