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This Week's Release: New TypePad, bug fixes, and more

HI everyone! A quick update on this week's release for features and fixes. A huge thanks to everyone on Team TypePad for their hard work.

Picture 2If you're previewing the all new TypePad, we're always adding new features as we go, and fixing bugs too.  You'll find a great new feature under your Settings -> SEO page.

An SEO-friendly way to present your blog to the world by adding the ability to choose the order of the post/blog titles in the html title. SEO experts often say that showing your post title first, then the blog title, is a better way for search engines to find your relevant content and get you more readers. 


More features and fixes for people trying the new TypePad:

  • Stats: Fixed some problems with stats where the stats page wouldn't load for some customers.
  • Stats: Fixed the pageview counts
  • Spell check: Fixed the spell checker problem where misspelled words were being highlighted, but no new words were being suggested.
  • Dashboard: Fixed pagination issues
  • Dashboard: Fixed long post title displays
  • Dashboard: Fixed avatar displays when the image was not found
You'll see all sorts of other cool new stuff for the new TypePad in the weeks to come, so try it today!

For everyone (classic TypePad and the new TypePad) we:

  • Registration: Made registration improvements for our EMEA customers
  • Sharing: Removed the word “blogging” from Twitter "share this post" updates
  • Spam: IP Banning is now working as expected for full and partial IP's
  • International: tons of improvements to our localization processes



Apart from that, I hope that finding a solution for the width issue of the 'Japanese' themes is still in the pipeline...

Account Deleted

hello there Melancholia ^^ you can simply change the width if you want to ^^ you just have to add some few CSS code in your CSS stylesheet. Try this if it works. Just be aware that this example
apply to my blog. you can always change the sizes of your choice.

This function is for adjusting the banner width
to match the body of your blog. Note the width its 1050px which is also the #container width of my blog.

#banner {
width: 1050px;

You can use this function to totally have a full control of the width of your weblog. This particular example is for Three column layouts.

.layout-three-column #container { width: 1050px; }
.layout-three-column #alpha { width: 200px; }
.layout-three-column #beta { width: 550px; }
.layout-three-column #gamma { width: 300px; }

the #container corresponds to the whole width of your blog.

the #alpha pertains to the width of your left sidebar.

the #beta pertains to the center of your blog where your posts appear and lastly,

the #gamma pertains to the right sidebar.

notice that if you add all the three values 200+550+300, the result would be 1050. You must make sure that your container's number should be the sum of your
#alpha, #beta, #gamma. I hope this helps thanks and more power.

If you use other layouts like 2 column layouts and others. You can get the example here:


changing the values though is the same as the one i gave you.

Visit my blog too see how this function can take full control
of your weblogs width ^^. http://homeaffiliate.typepad.com

Once again thank you and have a nice day ^^.

Karin H.

Re Post Title - Blog Title. Does that mean in future (on new posts) the search results on search engine will follow what you've selected as default setting?

Karin H


Thanks for all this useful information, but there is one problem: I have a Typepad Plus membership at this moment, managing 3 weblogs. By consequence, I'm not allowed to customize CSS. And I'm not prepared to almost double my monthly membership cost. That's why I keep asking for a customisation by Typepad itself!


Ok, I upgraded to Typepad Pro. I'd love to implement the Japanese 'Apple' theme. I followed your advice and added the custom CSS as you mentioned, but it doesn't work. Columns remain as small as before. There's no widthening at all :-( What's the problem?

I used following custom CSS:

.layout-two-column-right #container { width: 1050px; }
.layout-two-column-right #alpha { width: 750px; }
.layout-two-column-right #beta { width: 300px; }


Hi I switched back to the old typepad face because it was just so familiar. I searched high and low for "typelist" on the new typepad and could not find it. Plus stats was not working. I am sure all the kinks will all be worked out. The new interface is nice but when you need things in a hurry sometimes old is better simply because it is more familiar.- NJ

Account Deleted

hello there melanchola. im sorry to brought you in
this. All the functions i gave you are correct as
it works in my blog. however, the theme apple is a
pre defined theme and Not all Pre-defined Themes are compatible with Custom CSS changes as the themes include graphical elements.

But please don't get mad or frustrated. its nice that you have upgraded into pro because you can now avail so many features that will bring more good for your blog. like custom navigation bar just like in my blog and you can also put a banner. i was a basic plan user last month but i upgraded to pro just a few weeks ago ^^

I will look for ways about HTML functions, more CSS functions that might work in widthering the apple theme.
Can you please send me the themes you like so i can make some configurations in my test blog and then if it works well. i will give you the functions codes you need to be pasted in your custom CSS stylesheets.

im really really sorry to have made you upgrade your plan. Just dont downgrade right away because the Pro-rated fee being charge has no refund.


Don't worry, I'm not frustrated :-)

I'm looking forward to discover all these nice CSS features. I think I'll make a 'test blog' too to experiment.

Anyhow, If you could find anything to make the apple theme look wider, I would jump a hole in the air :-)

Others Japanese themes I'm interested in are "World Wide Web" and "Sky". Please feel free to communicate any solution to me.

Kind regards


@NJ Typelists is under title on the first page you land on when going to your blog page.

I am missing the function "publish on" in my new typepad. I have only preview and publish now options.


Have they changed the page count so that it does not include views from our own computer for example when we have simply created a post and want to view what it looks like or previews etc.

Account Deleted

Hello guys, i just wanna share you this important matter. I've heard so many cons and pros with regards to typepad features and service. Yet all this concerns are being shared only through everything typepad. I guess it would be more convenient for us typepad users if typepad can provide us a FORUM where in we can interact with each other, make discussions, share our opinions and post our queries.

forum is great because everything is being categorized and for that, it is more organized and appropriate for sharing questions and knowledge.

Also, some typepad users who are knowledgeable about blogging
and about using the typepad features can reach others easily and
might be able to help. By this, we can get answers more faster. Typepad support team is not always online but if we have a forum,
other knowledgeable typepad users all over the world can help others.

I have already suggested this thing to typepad but i think they will not consider my suggestion if im alone so I have created a poll on this matter to hear your sides about this.

Lets cast our votes people, This is for the sake of our community. You can cast your votes at http://homeaffiliate.typepad.com Thank you and more power to us.

Account Deleted

i will melanchola ^^ i'll strive hard ^^ thanks for the consideration. goodluck and more power to you ^^.

i will message you As soon as i come up with results.

Karin H.

Forget I asked ;-) Proof is in the pudding, my latest blog post - only 23 hours young - already shows up on a google search with blog title (blog title) since the change in this SEO feature.

(Now I've got to get used to noticing my own post on results this way)

Karin H


also - we heard you guys loud and clear that those themes needed to be widened out for a US audience (a lot of themes in Japan need to render on smaller phone browsers too.) We're releasing wider versions of almost all of them in the coming weeks! :)


I'm so glad you're liking the new feature! It's one of those small-but-significant tweaks that people wanted to see from us, so I'm glad we could make it happen.:D

Account Deleted

Wow! im so excited ^^ im sure you too melanchola ^^ can't wait for this. thanks ma'am ^^. Woooohh.. its tickling my spine ^^..

Account Deleted

Wow! nice to hear that ^^ it is more likely that im going to try the new typepad ^^ im just listening to feedbacks ^^. If everything is up and running then ill switch to the new typepad. For now, im just enjoying the current typepad and making the most of it. Goodluck to all of us.

David Harlow

Watched the demo on the new interface and have two comments/q's so far. 1. Can the first page that comes up be customized? I really don't want a new community page, proto- FB, twitter, etc. I just want my blog posting interface. 2. I cannot get my compose screen to hold onto my preferred default font size. (I need to highlight and change, and if I add a link or italicize, that throws it off - I end up editing font size in HTML a lot, which is really not how I want to be spending my blogging time.) Is this something that is fixed in the new typepad?


Yep :-) In the meantime, I've started applying custom css on my main weblog. I do like the result... :-D

Account Deleted

Wow! im glad to hear that. i dropped by your blog and i saw your navbar ^^ its pretty cool. however, you can add more spice on your navbar ^^. you can add rollovers in it just like the navbar of typepad.com
just add this codes at the bottom of your css

#nav ul li a:hover{

you can change the BG color of your choice ^^
for HTML color codes you can visit this site.

try it melanchola ^^ its pretty cool. i hope this helps ^^ visit my blog to see an example of a navbar with rollover. take care always and more power to you ^^.

Account Deleted

Again in your commenting system---why don't you make the CAPTCHA SOLVING before the SUBMIT button?
I missed so many comments from my readers because they think they had just submitted their comments , when in fact there is a captcha to be solved which they missed seeing --because your CAPTCHA is located below, down there , after hitting the SUBMIT BUTTON. Blogspot and WP commenting enables commenters to submit AFTER solving the captcha . Your system makes other readers (so used to solve captchas before submitting the comment) think that there is no captcha to be solved because they had already pushed the SUBMIT button.
i CAN'T BELIEVE YOUR COMMENTING SYSTEM STILL SUCKS ----cannot directly post, cannot be enabled with JS Kit, and the captcha is after the SUBMIT button.

Trent Fitzgerald

Is it possible for you guys to design icons under each blog post?

Kinda like what they are doing:

Instead of "Twit This" in written form, we have an icon.
Instead of "Technorati Links" in written form, we have the T icon.

I think it would make the blog posts "pop" as they say in the design world.



So, you are suggesting renaming the submit button to something else, what would that be?

Also, I strongly suggest you to disable captcha and rely on TypePad Antispam instead. It does really a nice job: your commenters won't be bothered as much, and numbers show that there are more spammers passing the captcha than passing our TypePad Antispam filters; As a bonus, it also solves the problem you are talking about. Give it a try!


I'm confused. I'd like to preview the new Typepad and I've received a couple email messages or newsletters about it, but the "Preview the new Typepad" link does not appear on my dashboard. I've search high and low and cannot figure out how to preview the new Typepad. Any suggestions?


that's strange - we'll check this out straightaway and get you sorted out. Hold tight... :)


Wow, pretty cool indeed! Thanks a lot ;-)


By the way, let us know if you need help setting that up.

Account Deleted

hello there melanchola ^^ im happy you applied the codes ^^ you're navbar is pretty cooler ^^ now. great job, and the hover BG color is yellow. That's the color symbol of democracy here in the philippines ^^ however, the person who brought that color to us who brought freedom is having a deep sickness, a colon cancer and she's fighting for her life right now, very sad.


NJ - sorry you were having problems with the new design. Typelists is found under the "Library" drop-down in the main navigation. We also have a location map in the new Knowledge Base to point users to where things have been moved to: http://help.sixapart.com/tp/us/feature_location_map.html. Hope that helps~

Stats should be working. Can you let me know if you're still seeing issues?


Right above the [Preview] and [Publish] buttons is a drop-down that says "Status: Publish Now". If you click on it, you can select "Publish On"


Still frustratingly slow trying to do ANYTHING in the new Typepad (I'm on a Mac, so I get the the "spinning wheel" every time I click on the screen). My guess is that it has something to do with my custom design. Is anybody having similar problems? Email me at typepad (at) baskinbrand (dot) com. I'd like to track the problem for possible coverage on my marketing blog...that is, if I can deal with the frustration of using it.


Hi Jonathan - I'm on a Mac, too, and I haven't seen the same behavior, so I've asked our support team to follow up with you directly to find out more about what's going on. I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble, but I'm sure we can help you get it sorted out.


Turns out it's a Firefox issue, so Safari to the rescue! I'm back in business. Kudos to the Typepad team.

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