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Why does my business need a blog?

For a start up business establishing itself  online today the options available are multiple and varied. Should you get a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, a website and a blog? Not to mention Friendfeed,, Stumble Upon? Do you need any of these? Do you need all of them? How do they work together?

Recently we have found a few small businesses creating their online presence entirely on Facebook. This caused us some alarm.  There are many reasons why you should "own" the space that presents your brand, creates your leads and establishes customer interactions.

Denise Wakeman of  biztipsblog and buildabetterblog experienced another of these draw backs of resigning ownership to another site,  in a very real way last week. Her Twitter account was suspended due to (unfounded!) "suspicious activity". Suddenly access to her clients was cut off. The list of followers she had built was inaccessible. The links to her content were gone.

Fortunately for Denise, she had her own blog where she had produced and archived her content and built her customer database so it was not the end of the world. In addition, her Twitter account was reinstated a little while later and she is back tweeting with the best of them. But had she based her online presence on Twitter alone those hours would have been even more nail biting.

These are just one reason to choose carefully when it comes to your online presence. Businesses need to be building equity on their own sites and using the social networks as outposts in communities to draw more traffic back to their sites.

Denise, a business blogging expert and consultant, has many more examples of how to set up your blog and social media presence for business success. She will be joining Andy Wibbels in the Small Business Center on Wednesday 15th July at 11am PST to talk about to launch the most effective online presence in a webinar entitled Top 5 tactics for a successful business blog

Please forward a link to this event to any one you think could benefit. It's totally free and open to any one.


Captive Aquatics

I completely agree! As a business owner, my blog receives more traffic than my website! I would never rely on a service someone else owns as the basis for my web presence. Check out my TypePad blog:

Claire Alcock

Hi Mike, thanks for letting us know about the success you've had with your great blog. We would also love to hear your feedback on the small business center and webinar series

Do you have any top tips for those starting out on a business blog today?

Captive Aquatics

In fact, I do, and one I feel strongly about! Any small business owner that wants to be taken seriously needs a strong web presence, and a large part of having a strong web presence is the design and appearance of your business site and blog.

If your small business blog doesn't look professional, you are going to lose potential clients. Customers tell me daily that they chose me over my competitors because of the professional appearance of my website and blog.

Blogs also present an excellent way to interact with your clients and show you care about more than their money. I have been freely helping aquarium hobbyists for over five years, and a blog is just one more way for me to provide information to my fellow aquarist.

Bottom line: take your blogs' 'look' seriously! If web savvy isn't your thing, try TypePad's blog tuneup service!

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