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This is a feature we introduced in the month's TypePad newsletter - in which your intrepid community manager answers your most pressing TypePad questions.

How can I use my own domain (something without "TypePad" in the URL) with a TypePad blog? - Steven Hill, Hearts of Space

Picture 5 Hearts of Space is one of my fave long-running music shows, and I was delighted to find out they had a TypePad blog that serves as their news page. When working on a blog tune-up for them, they didn’t know this long-standing feature in TypePad for using your own URL. We hear this question all the time!

Using your own domain on TypePad is a great way to promote your blog, blend it in with your own site, and to give it a way to stand apart from the crowd, especially if you have a business blog. Some SEO experts also say that it's better for your search results to have your own domain.

One of the things I like the best about TypePad is that we handle the hosting for you - so you don't have to download and install some complicated program just to get your own domain.

For exactly how you'd do your own domain mapping, I asked Brianna, one of our TypePad One support team for the full breakdown. If you're a TypePad subscriber, you can always get our support team's assistance with questions you have about technical things like this, too. More how-tos on using your own domain after the jump:

Domain Mapping is a great TypePad feature for our Plus and Pro users. Are you taking advantage of this feature? If you aren't, and it's because you're not sure what Domain Mapping is, then let's get you acquainted.

Domain Mapping is the process of connecting your TypePad account, or a specific blog in your account, with a unique domain name. Still have questions? Check out our Domain Mapping FAQ.

Ready for some examples?

Let's say you have a TypePad account with the address knittingrocks.typepad.com1. Congratulations! That's a pretty awesome TypePad address. Perhaps you want something a bit more unique, something without the "typepad" part of the URL? You decide to purchase a unique domain name, like www.knittingrocks.com2, and now you want to use it rather than the one you registered with us. It's okay, we won't be offended. This is where one of our favorite features, Domain Mapping, comes in handy.

You can find the Domain Mapping settings by clicking "Account" at the top right of your dashboard, then "Domain Mapping". Read over the Important Requirements; it contains useful information for before and during the process. If you're all set, and your domain has already been purchased, you can move on by clicking "Begin Here: Map a Domain Name".

Step 1: Enter your domain name

Enter your custom domain name

Step 2: Choose what you would like your domain name to load

Map the custom name to...

If you set your domain to point to "entire site", then your domain name will become an umbrella for all of the blogs in your account. If I set www.knittingrocks.com to point to the entire site, then my blogs, "projects" and "stash", would then appear as:


This means your individual posts will load like:


If you set your domain to point to a specific blog, however, then your domain name will point to only that blog. None of your other blogs in your account will use the unique domain name.

This means your individual posts will load like:


If you plan on using your blog similarly to a website, with different sub-sections, then Domain Mapping to your whole account may work very well for you! Each individual blog will appear as a sub-section to the main account, all living under the umbrella of your unique domain name.

If you only have the one blog, or one particular blog related to your topic, then pointing your unique domain name to the specific blog in your account will be the best option for you.

We all want our blog to do well, find us readers, and land us that mythical book deal, but it all starts with standing apart from the average blog address. Choose something with a kick here at TypePad (eg: knittingrocks.typepad.com totally gives off the Rock Star kick) or give your blog a bit of punch (turn it up to 11!) by setting yourself up with Domain Mapping.

1 - Like this TypePad name? As of right now it's still available!
2 - Like this unique domain name? As of right now it's still available!

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