Guest Stars: Why I Use TypePad For Business Blogging
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Do I need a website as well as a blog?

Ever tried to define the difference between a website and a blog? It's kinda difficult.

Here are some of our favorite misconceptions about blogs

  • Blogs are like personal diaries online
  • Blogs are just for personal rants
  • Blogs look unprofessional

The truth is that, to the site visitor, there is really no difference at all. The only differences that exist are behind the scenes, in the way you manage what appears on your site.

Want to add something to your blog? Then compose a new Page, add a new post or make some edits in the interface. Want to add something to your website? For most of us, that means calling up a designer, making a change request and waiting for the moment when they can get it done. Grrr.

If you are a small business owner this heavenly combination of cutting costs and saving time should sound appealing, so what's next?

How do I make a website with TypePad?

Here are some clues: pages, horizontal navigation bar and  a blog footer.

These three little gems are what many people associate with "websites" rather than blogs. To learn how to configure these to create a simple small business website and how to connect that with useful 3rd party business tools like Freshbooks, PayPal and Etsy join us at the Small Business Center for a free webinar            

 "Using your blog for your website and ecommerce"

Our speaker is business blogging guru Andy Wibbels. We start at 11am Pacific US time. If you can't join just register and we'll send you a link to the recording via email.

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