Guest Stars: Why I Use TypePad For Business Blogging
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Do I need a website as well as a blog?

Ever tried to define the difference between a website and a blog? It's kinda difficult.

Here are some of our favorite misconceptions about blogs

  • Blogs are like personal diaries online
  • Blogs are just for personal rants
  • Blogs look unprofessional

The truth is that, to the site visitor, there is really no difference at all. The only differences that exist are behind the scenes, in the way you manage what appears on your site.

Want to add something to your blog? Then compose a new Page, add a new post or make some edits in the interface. Want to add something to your website? For most of us, that means calling up a designer, making a change request and waiting for the moment when they can get it done. Grrr.

If you are a small business owner this heavenly combination of cutting costs and saving time should sound appealing, so what's next?

How do I make a website with TypePad?

Here are some clues: pages, horizontal navigation bar and  a blog footer.

These three little gems are what many people associate with "websites" rather than blogs. To learn how to configure these to create a simple small business website and how to connect that with useful 3rd party business tools like Freshbooks, PayPal and Etsy join us at the Small Business Center for a free webinar            

 "Using your blog for your website and ecommerce"

Our speaker is business blogging guru Andy Wibbels. We start at 11am Pacific US time. If you can't join just register and we'll send you a link to the recording via email.

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Account Deleted

This is true. If only people would know how great blog is, compared to normal websites. Basically blog is also a website, only though, its the simplified form of it where an average net surfer can become a blogger or a webmaster.

Unlike normal websites, with blogs, you can update very easily whenever you want which is good for crawlers or aggregators without having to spend another money.

You can change design whenever you feel like changing it without spending money. Plus with blog, you can interact with your audience because its a two-way broadcasting tool and this is good for business because you can reach out to your potential customers.

And above all, there's a great blogging service provider that will make all these even more convenient, none other than Typepad!

Before i get into blogging, i was only looking into traditional websites, but when i started to blog, it changed the way i look at it. I found out that blogs are greater compared to traditional websites. My proof is my blog vs. the website of the company where im working. My blog is only 2 months old but i have gained certain amount of traffic already, my alexa traffic rank is now 560,133 plus, i've made a lot of friends already from my audience which can turn into potential customers. Compared to the website of our company, it was created since 2007-2009 but its not receiving good amount of traffic. Its alexa traffic rank is still 6,111,061. Are you kidding me? well im not. And the fact that its been running for 2 years now. Its really a big failure.

I've discussed all these things to my boss already and recommended to use blog specially typepad, instead of traditional websites. Haha I even let him read an ebook about blogs. But i guess i need to convince him even more.

Typepad rocks!


To quote:

Here are some of our favorite misconceptions about blogs

Blogs are like personal diaries online
Blogs are just for personal rants
Blogs look unprofessional

Really, it's all to easy to give that impression through sloppy work, both in design and in editing.

The typepad (pro) account for qedlondon has built out a site in front of a collection of blogs, though some of these blogs are either placeholders or simple alert fodder for the pages. Our readers (few as they are at this early stage) seem to be happy with what they see, and you're right - all they see is a website. Where we shall be making use of 'traditional' blogs is in our product review pages, and in a diary-type section (which some will no doubt see as rant). We have been encouraging our small business associates (many non-tech sole traders) to look at TypePad as a vehicle for their web presences.

Rob Jones

Those misconceptions are exactly that - misconceptions. As an art dealer, I frequently recommend that artists create a blog rather than a website. As new pieces of art are created, images can be added instantly to a blog. Adding images to websites (especially one at a time) can be time consuming and often expensive. A blog also gives the artist the opportunity to speak freely about the newly created piece, and the Comments allow followers to discuss it directly with the artist. Again, these features are difficult to achieve in a website.

Bottom line: management and maintenance of a blog is much easier and cheaper than a website. And the results are better for both the artist (or business) and the readers.


Claire Alcock

Thanks for this comment QED. We also encourage small businesses not to shy away from adding a more "personal" voice to their website. It doesn't have to be a rant, or a diary, but adding some element of your personality is really an unbeatable advantage that a small business has over a larger company. People like doing business with others they can relate to and your blog can be a place where those human relationships can start. I would love to hear more about how you aggregate your blog feeds.


Hi, Claire: thanks for looking in on us at - we are a very small outfit in a very large city. A goodly part of our business (we all have real jobs too: QED is our passion) is to stand alongside equally small good-food/drink businesses and to facilitate markets for them - shows what we do there. The more interactive voice isn't yet in all of our sections (in TypePad terms, each of our top-level site sections is a blog): we're looking to and our nascent review sections to show the way. We alert our feed subscribers to changes in our non-interactive areas through a simple commentary blog in each section. We're still at a very early stage: still building the barn before we can store content in it!

As for aggregating the feeds and in deriving symbioses: not yet. The last thing we want to do is to turn readers to switch off a subscription because of off-topic noise, so we offer them narrowcasting and then, by force of our words and our cross-referencing, let them find other areas of interest. Many of these people are not naturally technically minded, so in a way we have to mimic 'word in your ear' recommendation. That said, if we could trigger inter-feed analyses which showed the overlap in subscribers, we could advertise "85% of this feed's subscribers also enjoy this other feed: why not give it a go?".

Another important aspect of why we work the way we do is that we're always looking for solutions which could be helpful to our associates: if TypePad works for us, it might work for them; they can springboard on our experience; we're happy, they're happy, TypePad's happy. QED.

Alex Sirota

I have designed several business and non-profit org websites with TypePad -- the proof is in the pudding. Bloggins = websites and websites = blogging. Blogs have a superset of features that websites do.

I've made

as an example website with "blog" features.

TypePad is an amazing tool and I look forward to seeing design features evolve to support custom look and feel templates and designs that are easier to implement for small businesses that don't have a lot of design expertise but want a really custom, great looking website/blog.

Joe Taylor Jr.

Here's what I love about TypePad. I can have my "professional" site for clients front and center. I can have my "personal" blog one level deeper. And I can have trial runs of other sites I want to launch, all under one account. They all look the way I want them to look, and I don't have to noodle around with updates every week. It's great to just focus on WRITING again.

Account Deleted

You Hit it Joe ^^. I like what you said "to just focus on WRITING again" and not only that, we also have more time to market our blog.



I need to develop website in Typepad . This is a new platform for me. I checked the website you have developed. Its simple and perfect. Can you please send me some links/ tutorials as how to start website development in typepad.

Thanks for your help,

Alex Sirota


Sure thing. Start here

google typepad tutorial

You'll find videos too.

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