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Favorite Blogs: Soulemama

Amanda Soule is a TypePad blogger and author, and a driving force in the TypePad community. We did a quick Q&A with her about her blog, her latest book, and who in the TypePad world you should be keeping up with!

Q: How long have you been blogging with TypePad?
A: I've been blogging with TypePad since February of 2005.

Q: What led you to choose TypePad as a blogging platform?
A: I actually began blogging before then with another platform, but moved to TypePad so that I could have more control over the appearance of my blog. The ability to customize my blog as much as I do with Typepad is really important to me (and I know there's a lot I haven't even tapped into yet!).

Soulemama Q: How have your blog and your book helped each other to be successful?
I think they've worked together well - people seem to both led to my books from the blog, as well as brought to the blog from the books! The blog, though, is where "it all began" so to speak - it's through the blog that I was originally contacted by a book publisher and began writing books. The blog has continued (nearly every day for four and a half years!) to move along on it's own journey, but it's also been a space where I can share news, updates and conversations related to the book projects I'm working on. Recently, with the release of Handmade Home, I've been doing a little bit of 'behind the scenes' posts about the book, which has been a really fun way to bridge the blog and books.

Q: Are there some cross-posts (so to speak) with your blog and your book? Content that has developed from one to the other and “bridged the gap”, as it were?
Oftentimes, blog posts will be a jumping off point for something that later ends up in a book project. And certainly, writing the blog has been an amazing daily practice in writing itself, so it feeds the books that way.

Q: What’s your favorite comment/interaction from someone new you’ve had through your blog?
A: It's always a treat and a sweet surprise to find out that someone I respect and admire is a reader of my blog. I've "met" so many beautiful people all over the world through this world of blogging - it's amazing, really, how blogging has the power to build connections and community in the ways that it does. I'm so grateful for it.

Q: Who would you recommend that people who like your blog can follow on TypePad?
I don't actually read a lot of blogs, as most of my time online is spent writing, working, and blogging! Kind of ironic, I know. But I do read a few - a combination of friends who I love checking in on, and a few that inspire me so much I just have to check in each day. Here's some TypePad blogs that readers of mine might like too:
Angry Chicken, Ali Edwards, Elsa Mora, Beauty that Moves, Apples for Poppy Anne, Sew Liberated, House Wren Studio, and The Little Travelers.



Elsa Mora

Amanda is a one-of-a-kind woman out there in the world (so is her husband).
She's smart, loving, gentle and strong at the same time, modest, creative, fun and her most important quality to me is that she is extremely real, that makes her unique.
I send Amanda and her beautiful family a big hug!
Elsita :)


the word around the office is that Amanda is the nicest person we know. :)

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