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Free Blog Design Tips for Small Businesses

Have you ever pondered what it is, exactly, that makes some sites draw you in and keep you there while others leave you cold, or worse, running for the hills? The answer could well be design. Even the most informative content needs a good home.

If you are like many of the bloggers we hear from asking for TypePad Blog Tune up services, a design overhaul is a long overdue item on the to-do list. Don't panic, help is at hand!

The TypePad Small Business Center is hosting a free webinar Wednesday August 12 with Niya Sisk, an awesome professional designer and TypePad blogger and of course, Andy Wibbels, our TypePad trainer and business blogging guru. Every one is welcome to come and listen to the experts discuss design and explain the 7 principles of professional blog design that will help your business blog stand out among the crowd.

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I'd love to checkout the webinar too. Any details you can provide?

Claire Alcock

Manj8 - details for this and all our small business webinars are here at - scroll down until you see Niya's session. We'll be kicking off in 30 minutes. Hope you can join!

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