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Get your blog off to a great start with the Power Launch Service

We've told you before about the Tune-Up Service, which is a great way to take your existing blog to the next level. But what if you are just starting out and don't really know where to begin? That is where our Power Launch Service comes in.

Cardsbygina-screenshot When Gina of Cards By Gina first signed up for the Power Launch, she didn't have any posts or other content on her blog and was using the default design that TypePad automatically gives all newly-created blogs. She was literally starting from nothing.

Over the course of the Power Launch Service, we set her up with useful features like her own custom URL, an email subscription option to make it easy for her readers to be notified when she writes a new post, Email and Add This links in the footer of each post so people can share her blog with their friends, and a new banner and design that match her personality and the vision she has for her blog. We also gave her tips on best blogging practices and how to make sure her blog is easy to read and navigate.

Gina was very happy with the work we did for her and said, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart in creating such a beautiful blog for me. I think I'm getting off on the right foot--because of you!"

If you want to get your own new blog off on the right foot too, consider purchasing the Power Launch Service today!

The Power Launch is great for small businesses, and be sure to check out our Small Business Center for more tips and help for small businesses looking to start blogs.


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