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Guest Stars: Why I Use TypePad For Business Blogging

Guest Stars: Why TypePad Pro? Video

Brian Barela works for Campus Crusade for Christ in Chico, CA. He is passionate about helping organizations, particularly non-profits, leverage social media to offset their limited resources. I spotted a video he'd Tweeted that he made about TypePad and what the pro level has to offer bloggers, and asked him if I could post it here in our "Guest Stars" section. Watch it now!

I love it when our community has their own spin on why they use TypePad, so I asked Brian to tell us a bit more:

I knew I wanted to blog, and I knew there were a lot of options, but I didn't know which one fit my needs. As I talk with many of my colleagues interested in blogging, one of their biggest questions is which platform should I use? With so much hype over Wordpress, I wanted to be able to show my colleagues the advantages of using Typepad.

Typepad has allowed me to make the customizations I need to set myself apart from the average blog, while not having to be a coding wizard. The goal of a blog is to create content that you are proud of, not to spend most of the time coding. Typepad offers a great service towards this end.

Thanks, Brian!


Brian Barela

thanks again for the shout out! you guys provide a great platform!

Account Deleted

I totally agree :) Typepad rocks! I wouldn't compare it to other platforms. Keep it up Brian and more power to you ^^ You Rock too.


This was originally posted at CruBlogging.com


This was originally posted at http://CruBlogging.com

Brian Barela


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