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Quick Update: Sharing your posts with TypePad and Twitter

Happy Together: TypePad and Facebook Connect

We’re happy to announce TypePad support for Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect is a set of APIs from Facebook that allows TypePad and Facebook to communicate. Facebook Connect is an improvement over the existing Beacon service released in 2007.

Share your blog with 250 million of your closest friends
With Facebook Connect on TypePad, you can automatically share your blog posts with your friends on Facebook. And, as you would expect from TypePad, we give you full control over the posts you want to share. 

Your readers are as busy as you are. By sharing your blog posts from TypePad on Facebook, you can notify them about your latest news in a place that is convenient – and timely – for them. It’s a friendly reminder to come by your blog, and a great way to increase your blog’s traffic. This feature is exclusively available in the new TypePad - so if you haven't tried it yet, now's the time!


In addition to being a more reliable connection to Facebook, you will notice the immediate improvements:

  • Posts from your iPhone, email, and the new TypePad bookmarklet can be automatically shared with Facebook. (Click to learn how to update your settings.)
  • You can now share your post to Facebook from the Compose editor.

To take advantage of this great new feature in TypePad, check out our Knowledge Base article
Sharing Posts on Facebook.”  Please note: If you had Facebook Beacon integration set up before, please update your settings.

Make Your Facebook Friends Feel Welcome
TypePad also makes it easier for your readers who come from Facebook to comment on your blog.  This new upgrade allows your readers to sign to and comment with their Facebook log in. Facebook Sign In on Typepad

And more is on the way. With new avatar support for commenters – just added to the beta group today— your Facebook commenters will have their Facebook picture appear with their comment. It’s another great way to welcome your Facebook friends to your blog community.

This is just one of the many ways TypePad takes care of your social media optimization (SMO). Stay tuned for more ways to increase your blog traffic. 

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