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Hurricane Katrina 4th Anniversary: Loads of Hope - Velveteen Mind

Sometime last year, I saw an ad for Tide Loads of Hope.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Tide recognized that in times of disaster, people turn to the most basic human needs, like clean clothes.  Ironically, clean clothes aren’t possible when you don’t have power or access to safe water.  The little things that make all the difference when you are looking for a thread to cling to and sometime slip just beyond your grip.

Within weeks of Katrina’s landfall, Tide arrived in New Orleans with their Loads of Hope truck,  a unit housing 32 energy-efficient washers and dryers Tide Loads of Hope Truckcapable of completing 300 loads of laundry a day, and began meeting one of those needs of residents grasping at hope.

The ad I saw mentioned that part of the support for the truck is made possible by purchasing bottles of Tide with the yellow cap.  A loyal consumer of Tide already, I’d never taken the time to notice what that yellow cap meant, but now I would notice.


Velveteen Mind reminds us all of how the fourth anniversary of Katrina affected us all.


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