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The Best of Both Worlds: Microblogging on TypePad

Introducing Pico, the Microblogging Theme

Looking for a fresh, simple template for displaying your iPhone photos? Do you want to create a great looking link blog? Do you want to show off your favorite YouTube videos? Then our new Pico theme is for you. 


Pico is designed for keeping things simple to handle frequent updates and a lot of different types of posts: video, mobile photos, quotes, and, of course, longer blog posts.

To put the focus on content we've moved the sidebars below the list of posts. To use Pico you need to go to "Design > Layout" and choose "1 column."

Try it out and let us know what you think.


Denise Wakeman

Is Pico a response to Posterous? Definitely will check it out.

Blog on!


I'd like to see a module for pre-existing blogs that converts them for viewing on a portable device. I've seen several blogs on other platforms that already do this (Stephen Fry's website for one).

Mark Simmons

Let us know what you think, Denise.

Pico came from two sources of inspiration: customer requests for this type of functionality and our goal to get everyone blogging. Microblogging format can be a great way for experienced bloggers to share new things and it's also a good way to get people to try out blogging.

Be sure to try out the bookmarklet as well, It's a lot of fun.

Mark Simmons

Thanks for the suggestion.

We agree that this would be helpful and are working on some solutions.

Our Support and ticketing system is not just for emergencies, it's also how we hear suggestions for product improvements. If you have detailed suggestions or mobile devices you would like to see supported, just let us know.

TypePad One team

Take Root Publishing

This is really fun. I started a new 'test' blog to try it out. I love it! I really love the idea of it. Being the micro blogging idea. I will do this outside of my team blog and link all together. Just might be my new Twitter URL. Use as a homepage to all. ❤

Bernie Goldbach

I also think the mobile-aware template would be welcome. I'm toying around with the head element of one of my templates to see if I can get a redirect like has with his Wordpress blog.

Six Apart

signed in as @sixapart, and leaving the best comment evar.

The Typepad Team

Thanks, Noelle Mena! We're happy that you like the new Pico theme and are using it to microblog.

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