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The Best of Both Worlds: Microblogging on TypePad

As a TypePad member, you can have the best of both worlds: a full blog and a microblog-style blog. A TypePad microblog allows you a quick and easy way to share your favorite videos, images and articles with your friends and followers.

TypePad brings you unique approach to microblogging:
  • “Post from anywhere” capabilities with email, iPhone, and the new TypePad "Blog It" bookmarklet
  • New simple, professionally-designed, stylish themes
  • “Post once, publish everywhere” with built-in support for Facebook, Twitter, and Friendfeed
  • Control of your own advertising, your domain, and your personal brand
  • All backed with support and training from TypePad One

We’ve brought all of these capabilities together in TypePad so you can easily manage your online presence. Your blog is the hub of your online identity and we’re making it easier than ever to participate.

We’ll update your services for you
Our “post once, publish everywhere” service automatically updates your friends and followers on other web sites like Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed. We’ll save you time, and help you promote your blog. Here’s how it works:


Easy images
Twitter is great for posting 140 characters worth of a thought, but it is not easy to attach images. With TypePad, you can post a photo on your microblog and TypePad will automatically update Twitter and post a link to your photo on TypePad. Rather than driving traffic to another third-party service like Twitpic, point people back to your site so your friends can comment.

Full service
If you want the full content and blog management capabilities, we have it. If you want fast and easy microblogging, we now have that too. And you can manage it all – your comments, your posting, your community, your services, your brand -- with the same control, power and support you expect from TypePad.

Get started
Microblog will expand the way you think about blogging. To see how easy it is, just sign in and add a blog to your account or try the new Pico theme with your existing blog. And, of course, if you have any questions, just let us know.
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