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Quick Update: Sharing your posts with TypePad and Twitter

Checking in: just wanted to let you know the scoop on how the Twitter team is working to quickly resolve some issues you're might have seen with sharing your blog posts to your Twitter stream. For updates, you can check Twitter's main blog. Need up to the minute info, or more details as they happen? Twitter's status blog will keep you updated as to their progress in more detail.

How does this impact your TypePad blog?

  • When you cross-post from TypePad to Twitter, your posts may take a longer time to appear on your Twitter stream.
  • You may see intermittent error notifications from Twitter, that can seem like there’s something wrong with your specific Twitter or TypePad account passwords or logins. Don't worry if you see a message that says “your account/password is invalid” even if you know your account is correctly set up.

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up - since we know a lot of you use one, both, or all together - that both of our teams are aware of the issue, and we're collaborating to make certain it's solved ASAP.


Paul R. Pival

Would it be possible to allow us to choose whether or not our posts to twitter are preceded by "Blogging:" or "New Blog Post:" or similar? I'd prefer that to the new default of just throwing up the post title and link; I want to show that it originated with *me*. Thanks for the consideration.

Allan Young

Now that you have this new feature, I may have to migrate from WordPress to you guys now.


c'mon over! I'll set you up with a free trial.

Account Deleted

Yeah Allan, lets all enjoy the great features Typepad offers to us. I love Typepad. And i love Ginevra ^^

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